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Listen for our daily "Break for Your Take" question - 8:40am weekdays on 102.7 The Beach!
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Get Your Studio 102 Tickets Now

Join 102.7 The Beach for a night of dancing & tunes from the 70s and 80s! Disco, New Wave, big hair and more! Featuring DJ Holiday, as he gets the party started at Studio 102 , Saturday, June 8, 2019, from 7 PM - 11 PM. Open Bar from 7-8 PM at SWAY Nightclub in Fort Lauderdale! Advance online...
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Wild Racoon Dogs Are On The Loose!

Wild racoon dogs are a real thing, and they are on the loose in an English village. Click the link below to learn more!
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We LOVE Jennifer Garner's Eight Life Tips for Graduates!

Actress Jennifer Garner gave some "life tips" when speaking at the commencement ceremony of her Alumni, Denison University in Ohio. She graduated back in 1994, but she had some GREAT advice for the graduates of 2019. Here are her eight tips! 1. "Don't walk down the Grand Canyon to see what it looks...
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Dogs Are Off To College!

According to USA Today: "More colleges are adopting pet-friendly policies" Today on the show we are asking for your thoughts. Full story of a St.Pete student using the new policy, here:
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40% of Women have Spent Money on This Useless Item

Missed today's Impossible Quiz? Well, here it is! Question: According to a recent survey of more than 1000 women, 40% have knowingly spent money on this useless item. What is it? ANSWER: A pair of shoes that doesn't fit.
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FBI now leaves catfish in your driveway?

We are going to Naples for today's Morons In The News! Click the link below for the FULL story-
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Kenny Wants YOU to win $1,000 Sand Dollars!

Clock in... CASH OUT. Sand Dollars are back – starting Monday, April 29th - on 102.7 The Beach! With 12 chances to win every weekday! Tune in at the top of every hour from 7am - 6pm for the CASH keyword. Then, text it to 72881 for YOUR chance to WIN $1,000! Take 102.7 The Beach to work – for MORE...
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Kenny Walker Talks with Def Leppard's Joe Elliott!

Kenny Walker talks with Def Leppard Frontman and 2019 Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Joe Elliott ! Foolin, Rock of Ages, Hysteria, Bringing on the Heartbreak…Originally hailing from Sheffield, England, Def Leppard has become one of rock’s greatest legacies - selling more than 100 million records...
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