Dog mimics siren. Simple. Nothing more to see or hear for the day. Click for Joy Gregg Stuart
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People Watching on NYC Subways is the Greatest

Subway Bae - New York City subways feature some of the best people watching on Earth. Click for a laugh ~ Gregg Stuart
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Fleetwood Mac

Watch The Viral Meme That Put Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” Back on the Charts

"Dreams" is back on the charts over 40 years after it topped Billboard's Hot 100.
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Gene Simmons of KISS

This Baby Cow Seriously Looks Exactly Like KISS' Gene Simmons

On 7/28/17, a baby cow was born at a Kerrville, Texas ranch. Just another day in Texas, right? Not exactly. It was pointed out that the calf looks oddly similar to Gene Simmons when done up in full “Demon” makeup for KISS, that is.
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