Colonel Sanders Fantasies? This Official KFC Dating Sim Is Just For You!

Who asked for this? Well... While I may not be able to answer that, I can tell you this. Apparently KFC felt the need to set you up with Colonel Sanders himself! If you've ever wanted to hook up with KFC'S mascot well here's your chance! KFC set to release an "OFFICIAL" dating simulator for their...
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Do You Trust Facebook With Your Dating Life?

Not satisfied with connecting you with friends, now Facebook wants to hook you up with a romantic partner too. The social media platform has announced it’s finally ready to launch its matchmaking service, Dating, in the United States, according to CNN . The news comes over a year after the tech...
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People Who Frequently Use Emojis Go On More Dates: Study

Go ahead and send that kissy face emoji. If you express yourself using emojis, then chances are you are going on more dates and even having more sex - at least that’s what new research has found. According to a study published in PLOS One , online daters who frequently used emoticons in their...
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People are posing with pets that don't belong to them

In an effort to "live their best life" online, and specifically on dating websites, people are posing with pets that aren't theirs to up their "street cred" I am clearly against such fakery...if that's a word. Click Here Gregg Stuart
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