Chef Loses 'Cheddar-Gate' Court Case Against Michelin Guide

In the end, the cheese just didn’t cut it. A French chef has lost his case against the prestigious Michelin guide after he demanded the organization reveal why his restaurant had its three-star status demoted down to two, reported CNN . French chef loses court case over lost Michelin star: Chef...
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The drink wine & eat cheese marathon

Drink wine and eat some cheese!! Oh wait run too, if you're into that! If you're heading out on vacation this might be something fun to do across the pond! It's also fancy dress-themed and the person with the best costume ends up winning a prize! Just make sure you complete the 26.2 miles... More...
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Gators like Guacamole?!

A hungry hungry gator crashed a picnic date in Gainsville and gobbled down an entire bowl of their guacamole. Read more below!
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