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Can You Pass Gaby's Grammar Exam?

It's National Grammar Day! How do you stack up?
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Colonel Sanders Fantasies? This Official KFC Dating Sim Is Just For You!

Who asked for this? Well... While I may not be able to answer that, I can tell you this. Apparently KFC felt the need to set you up with Colonel Sanders himself! If you've ever wanted to hook up with KFC'S mascot well here's your chance! KFC set to release an "OFFICIAL" dating simulator for their...
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Tequila barrel homes with unlimited tequila!

A Mexican hotel will give you the experience of a life time! Unlimited tequila!!!!! Oh and you can sleep inside a tequila barrel too. Imagina un cita romántica tú y yo disfrutado de nuestras miras, de nuestros susurros y comiendo delicioso. #instagramers #instagram #instagood #instacool #...
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Florida man dumps dirt on girlfriend's car with a front-end loader!

Another day, another Florida man story! Hunter Mills buried a white Cadillac by dumping a bunch of dirt with a front-end loader when his girlfriend showed up at his job in an unfamiliar car. He ended up getting arrested at an excavating company and was charged with criminal mischief. Thankfully no...
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Oscar Mayer Introducing Hot Dog Ice Cream With Actual Hot Dog Bits

We were so preoccupied with whether or not we could that we didn’t stop to think if we should. WHO ASKED FOR THIS?!? Oscar Mayer will be introducing these Ice Dog Sandwiches and even the Weiner mobile will get a makeover to promote these uhm...unique treats.(More like unholy abominations) I wonder...
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Florida man breaks into house, showers, then sits naked on the porch to wait.

THIS JUST IN: Florida Man strikes again! Only difference is this time he made a statement. Can you imagine coming home to an unknown nude man, in front of your house, all clean cause he used your shower and raided your fridge?!? Talk about a surprise... Read about it here!
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Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches and Milkshakes courtesy of Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme coming out with the best idea EVER! Donuts on everything! ........ Well okay... it's not everything but milkshakes and ice cream is pretty much just that! Krispy Kreme's take on Ice cream sandwiches called "Scoop Sandwiches" are made by taking a donut, slicing it in two and spreading...
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Military ‘Ready’ To Confront 1.5 Million People Planning To Storm Area 51

By now we've all heard of the amazing and FLAWLESS plan to finally find out what's hiding inside the impenetrable Area 51. The epic mission will take place September 20th. The year 2019 will be one to remember!! An event that will go down in history, the secrets to an age-old mystery will finally...
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How to Make Authentic Cuban Coffee (Una Colada broder)

Most of us have that one person in the office who hooks it up with that jumpstart crack coffee in the mornings known as a "Colada" or "Cuban Coffee". It totally helps you get through the day however, some of us don't have that luxury! Behold! The secrets on how to make the perfect colada in a Cuban...
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