Was Kenny's Movie Expert, Justin, correct?

Monday, March 27th

Every Friday we have our movie expert Justin call in.  Justin tells us all the information our beach listeners need to know before heading out to the movies for that weekend. Every time there is a new big-box office movie Kenny asks Justin what he predicts the movie will make that weekend. Last week we asked about Beauty and The Beast’s opening weekend predictions and he was right on the money. This time we played him back to see if he, did once again, predict the correct numbers at the box office. Here was Kenny’s play on the numbers. 

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I everybody's Kenny walker thank you so much for listing in the show and here's one of our highlights right now running an intern just in the credit he deserves. Exactly as you predicted Friday morning. Yeah its top five movies were right on the money including beauty of that piece. They're finished number one again had another massive weekend took in 88 million dollars in the second week it's this is an actual clips from. From Friday morning Joseph this is just in our intern doing his movie review. If I had to predict what sort of way and I still think that we're gonna get down holdover that's going to be beauty of this you know little in the Bob Sullivan who again. Don't hold onto the box office 12100 and very low eighties so. She was 88 million dollars he was absolutely right on the money across the board yeah. Awesome Power Rangers had a respectable opening over forty million dollars which is good enough for like a distant second to. Costello with certain of the hunt with fourteen million it's a 233 million are certainly keep guess that was right yeah yeah. Life finish 55 pledged Ryan Reynolds Jake Gyllenhaal finished fourth with twelve point six million dollars of fittingly he called that would. He knows everything and just the this guy knows what he's talking about I saw these numbers out this weekend now his legs. Confident and knows everything and this. Didn't hurt anything original money it's just a great guy and we're so excited to see this happen he really. And then on Friday he told us chips was raunchy and challenges is gonna bomb in the box office guess what chips bonds took nearly seven million dollars in total flop yeah. I'm just so proud of these guys here's the guy who knows the movie business inside and out here are a real movie fan or you know what if kind of risk you wanna know what to see. And what not to see if we have plunked down your hard earned money you know for a flick. Some may treat her Friday morning to 720 would in turn just and breaks it down your. I'm starting to get worried about intern Justin doing he's moving on I ain't black and has pretty soon after page I.