Tuba Tuesday - June 20th

Tuesday, June 20th

Producer Stuart plays us a well known 80s song on his Tuba and listeners call in to guess the answer. 


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As apologists on this for duper Tuesday Stewart who won a hard time pleasure song I guess by this song. This snippet of a song and we'll give you for potential Marlins game genre and I and. Ooh woo. Woo and I know it is now yeah I know. Now today assistant do you know what song that once he gets it right away tickets for the Marlins. Want all two point seven and each time he was this. Brad and they ran over to tell you and adding crowd during quiet and all right I need you to win that's for peg to the Marlins he much song I think I'm guys from John bomb bomb them learn bloom doesn't know. No on the aunt and don't beat yourself up for a million deal with a Steward here okay. I'm still me I should draw then. I say yeah. Humid Tuesday hi this is Robert Brown I want to tell you very gentle. Candle in the house homeland yeah. Yet he believes it there's no world outside of scandal Robert tired everywhere there's volleying you know I check in. First of all wanna apologize to the bed to move playing let's solace in this there just played tight. And it's a little bit. Louie Louie bound man and down and am man AAC that a little man. But now welcome Robert tumbling yourself if you remember earlier failure here could you don't remember whose lives are run into book they're here they're got it. Thanks your username and thank you for. Don't two point seven of HI it was just yeah. A lot of different value if she wants I. Mean it's nice. Senior Sheila we've heard a lot of nice things about you this and that is do you have a did you have a guests were two would you say. Guess they eat eat eat eat IRA and health. Nice guy. I think it. Plus I would guess that I have to get in the Pentagon I called technology. And T yeah. Your son's name. And you know I didn't hear you when you said that when he said he CBC. I was at Washington and maybe she's like a rocker kind of chicken I'm thinking you know you're kind of like like a scooter trash like a biker girl. Head up at seven. And then come to find out if you're in the minivan when you're signing eat the brains of the operation I love bad. Thank you so much for play and enjoy the form back to the Marlins game. And tell Antonio thanks for listening to replace something for Sheila I'm going to play oh she'll look yeah we can really enjoy it. Listen and change. I.