Regis Calls Kenny

Tuesday, February 7th

Regis calls into the show to discuss the Dolphins Cancer Challenge with Kenny. 


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Hello everybody ally of the desert region way. What's up three G and wanna guess how I EA caddie walking I am great thank you for calling Hillary just fantastic embodies what the post. The call yet before we get this started with a little conversation is. I want to say congratulation decision ultimately you want good luck it's what I know that that is wicked you get the dolphins sent by a bit of recycling challenge and gay and hey you've got that thousands of runners that baucus says it. And insight particularly bullet. That you're probably directing role we are all trying to raise money that I can't turn ideas. I missed what you Watkins thank you very much of the same I think is a wonderful what did Toledo and at the dolphins is going to be great we get. How much buddy have glad you this have you raised and Canada's 161000068. And a half. You can only believable walker that's unbelievable so well ahead though what you are part of this whole thing here. The host of Vietnam and seeing mostly even this well make it respectable. Old money when he was there at the Helm of that that the big mistake big let's take over the house and that will be located at no dummy can I have the photo that is it's a lovely Gabby here introducing articles. I Regis hello Gabby you know you control the region's cocaine and I read that's gonna look at about. My job that idea as he didn't quite get it regularly Gabriella writes yeah. I love that if you wrote hero by adding go to your local guy yeah I'm born and raised in handled so you don't know that Kenny walker tolerable. Yeah grownup club book and yeah. Have pocket yeah. How does many of the question inevitable that you again at any university here yeah I am listening. A walk I don't say I'm listening miles good guy and the other Ruble and it. It's still it has to earth that Geithner. He's and I'm dedicated to. I just think what sort of put to good I don't know what it was easy I don't like it kind of funny at all. Well he's is inordinately and let's zoom out here. And I can probably that in the end this is unclear at general about it yet but like I. Oh yeah and your general manager is his uncle his uncles on both block and yeah public about just don't know how Beckham. Can I unbelievable how. Idol is the debates. Get ready to vote yes then they'll let me add he's the general managers and like you people at any kind of idea that I've got a perfect it is I have I think developed under. I think I'd like you know walk right go to go he has basically to give you what little piece of advice before you got that as it is. I've got a better job at this so long to load type get out of that lol lol well yeah that you don't that you implement public about Islamic faith. But again I give you what type and date certain advice yes of course. Kenny why can't give up alcohol content with that is what hey yeah probably get you out by Regis I want it that's about it.