The Parking Ticket Debate

Thursday, February 9th

A women gets a parking ticket for being parked one minute before the legal time of parking. Hear Kenny's thoughts, The Judge's ruling and Terrible Tom's input. 


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We all know what a two point seven to beach eight Torii you're gonna parking ticket most frustrating thing. I I actually in your she gets seen in the movies. Where the person is you getting a ticket at the exact moment do they come walking out of a store and in the person is right you know that in the meter maid lady is writing that to. That's happened to me. That's happened to me twice were I've literally walking out as the person's walking up to the car. And I'm like well hey say listen here I am a moment right now not to rely Alec come on man. It's like if all you're already written the ticket and am I am asking you to rip it up a walk into my car here I am getting in the car you don't have to work. Anyway. Awful evil. It's don't you British your Jai had it out it's like it's not it's likely get pulled over by by a police officer. And Steve Loomis 55 you do and sent. To catch clear as day in Paris. Any 500 and then they need to be that got our guys have anything better to do well you know there's real criminals. This is their job their job is to write tickets for people who speak and I'm in Boston before and and I just fess up yup. Driving too fast you know an officer doing your job can't fault somebody for doing the job. But it Georgia in Rhode Island heard a case you today about a woman who got a parking ticket. Two seconds. Before the no parking hours ended. This judge's name is Frank Caprio and there are judges out do you know stories of all the way I could do's and in the Kooks and you wonder where these people think but the our voices. Of reason in the world this would be cute so this woman goes she goes to court because she's sitting in her her her Carson 10 o'clock. That was the deal it was she'd partner and air there was restricted between eight intend. Couldn't part to book well her clock on the cars at 10 o'clock geez it's an apartment so she gets a ticket and the time and the tickets as. 959. And 58 seconds to a she's literally two seconds. Plus caught up so she goes to court says you know ask for some mercy as judge Frank Caprio opener runs pretty cool guys. Are you have it when particular Cushing street no parking eight to ten correct you there. But the one I literally pulled out why it 58. But think it was issues. At 959. I did. Bears are right 8959. And 58 seconds. Fit. And you can't block here until 10 o'clock. You violated the city organizations. These and other city or there's not a lot of talent that she violated. Appoint appoint Joseph get your retired judge. And up blocking enforcement officers are second to none of that country. So what do I tell me about this. Take it was a wrong. Wrong path in life cart clocked at all night of blaming the cop caught. Today. So just she's blaming the clock undercut. The Specter Quinn what does justice to man in this case in his jail. 10 o'clock restart Clark judge kind of caught by his father taught we are grown up ahead. I think 959. Is close enough to turn to the medicine's nice title like that guy. That's judge Fred Caprio and rode around we had a moved down here. When a two point 7 A beach good morning. You. And. And yet and let's. Never met everybody I introduce myself empirical dot com otherwise known as. My break I only missed. If where are not the bleep button again and not sorry. Yeah it doesn't matter how does the loss blend. The terrible that. You have that a lot of that going to do but there's certain things law enforcement Doug money here when you get pulled over. Barcelona's. All know somebody in law enforcement the second thing is you know I'm I'm not hurt and the last thing that one's fingers down on eight years. I'd say years. Very very great on player. I think any celebrity drops that do you know I am thing when they get the ticket she get teased. I don't. Exactly. What you guys have a they adopt it simplifying.