Tuesday, May 8th


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Way back in the day at my radio days when I first started UN IA at some point work together because let's face it. Freestyle has always. Didn't we appreciate it and it still is it's it's just amazing resurgence timing not the freestyle ever wanna wake up cleaning or. You know what it is. This really nothing else. Well we're doing at this very content previously viewed you call what he and so I mean aren't you know thing is that we didn't even do back then big concert and. So you're really busy right now. Well I tried you know I mean it's I love entertaining in this and you brought it sort of working on also. I don't wanna reedy mention any names but I don't know how program is wanted to get. But you're gonna be better prepared. Eight thank you like with him before with concept blonde right. Yeah yeah they're like that was actually one of the best track writer did I think in my opinion because you don't buy term we did that strong renewed immunity we knew. Well mobile people who like to suck but it was so accepting page assuming that song. OJ you're going to present day. Why at all yet he did that on one day. But at that point there AM of the songs that you had on your records war all you had silent mourning like a child out of time it's not like you are already. You know you are. He was another single step yes I will. Yes I don't know I mean I was a club go before it got into the entertainment business thousand pogo on the cookie cannot I was in the clubs to all the time. Worked in the books tell us. What I was gonna ask okay everybody before they break it into the entertainment business they were either. A waitress they were bartender they had something to do it hospitality. Yeah yeah I mean I was right there all are from I was in the scene. Tom you could say from the bottom mocked by the mop floors and it did look better. I heard. You know I was but I jewelry you know I enjoyed being in that Steve didn't you you know what aren't really exciting. You know I got this year mediocre on the people even. You can get a big movies so they were working with local fourteen races since actually Katy Murphy walked in and proper. Do you mean it was that this is slew of actors turn it probably is on the old current I. There's little time walking and it is public in you know. It resists. Where you're actually in a state of already do feel like you really just that you belong merely felt right fit right. Yeah I do not want it to be date he knows exactly you mean I enjoyed it I enjoyed. What I did need to work like it's ready to Winamp is the partner. I enjoyed being in that atmosphere it was exciting you know that you got discovered. I was definitely am. Into. The music business but not literally. I was discovered hanging out with some friends. We didn't the parks where I was born and raised. We were hanging out just didn't the Bronx and talent scouts walking by any you walked up to me and Eric Cooper crazy that. If we knew any guys that saying and I did jump up or are they just started seeing Garrett that we are people that don't indicate it was. Randall are. All my life. Out of work it could wrap. And married man or rich. But it was good dedicate my and it did it ignite. Kagan interest say you know what he I think you have talent you know calmed down became interested studio. And the next general area and hole yeah that's fast. Yeah Cinderella stories right eloquently delivered. We set that says. How did you did you start it so hard to explain to somebody that you know trying to climb that ladder and trying to make the contacts and those connections and here's some ages and walks up to you and say hey here's my card you're gonna get a contract. You know what man I can't help feeling a little bit guilty about that regular people it that it really where art. You know educated to the entertainment business. Thought they'd just kind of server two mile lap you know. And and I just rolled with it in and edited talents. That I didn't even know I had you know are able art first. Sort my first release so I'm wearing tribal. Arm. You know originally called the silent mourning either right. It looked again at six yeah at a different concept than the score Spanish morning and then went when you warned to someone who guide me but I get the record label put a little bit more bids at. Just slightly. Never been done is ready for our Latin funeral. Yet but it certainly get it it's not more pitted the melancholy sort of and so on but it's kind of like a pallid. Almost you know and what it actually did do these rights are being dead that day so people could relate to war. And it's so let's see you know everybody gets involved in relationships and has their hearts broken at one point and connecting that we eat that's something that you'll have to. You whip just. You know growing up support I know are meeting that that the first person you know indignant and forty looked into campus everybody. All right well let. Love aside I saw a video viewing tears which in turn made me. Get a little teary eyed with that reunion with your girls on. Jewelry you Alan you know step one pick up. Now you did not know anything about that moment. I had no idea the most hysterical thing is that you know on the street and big screen behind me. And it was basically explaining to the audience that you know they were dated it would surprise me. And I you'll meet who's in our lives and our and again looking at the orders like. It's beyond what the hell I'm not good you. I love your humility Noel who. It was like on you know I'd I would be doing anything you know you'd normally happens with a pitching around. In doing stuck out just. Stating that scene I sort of and it would you don't like what they'll score an outside. I looked behind me and my uncle is sort of state and it was going to be spending like bill will take you know turn around and look at them and are they still not sure. And then also in turn like I've hit some around again I look at them again it's a good look at side. And it and I was like only the armor abilities you know. Does that have seen him in a line. Yeah and and you know I'm like you know we we walked in everything on a regular basis you know but because they they're out of Florida and lived. Well and you know as a pain it is critical for it to get a unity work. We beat the art you know that it did in this studying nurses and that they don't have time it is don't have time I have all the time in the world you know the thing is to. Getting together we can you know making sure that schedule is spoke to you know it's allowing for a visit. But but it was a great you know it was good to see them and I'm just broke out of court loads you know at a site. I don't know how many thousands of people live there. But there and it was written cannot wrap them both CD rap and I grabbed them both. Nice items aren't used to this start crying. I saw that statement did Matt. What the current bush you know like I think I grabbed them both Ed and I still had that might actually gotten to you target could understand whatever it and don't hole. Or is can he be bullying. Old and it is his whole. Well liked it I Ortiz stark line it's like or you hear his people he hit her hobby done people with it and put. Crying why. It was awesome because you know like here's this this famous freestyle artist you know doing his thing on stage and for that moment you're just know all the dad the father. And that's an organic moment so I'm sure that you gained even more popularity among the women like all right Ted Maine though. All that absolutely. Was exactly what you said you know I just you know it was me. And resorted to enact forgot where I would not say oh well you know we just an awesome. Hey you know and it would harper able to disclose corporate dates so. That the promoter. That put the show together people who might orders not to I did this with that Atlantic City. It was every moment you mentioned that they live in Florida you live in Pennsylvania what it is able beat up a Puerto Rican tropical guy. Sarah dealing with snow is my question. You know what worries in New York City so. No it was no big deal to me you know how to raise around it so. I got an opportunity to come and live in South Florida why are you still shoveling snow. I actually did for a while and it could Pembroke Pines for like seven years. And you were near the same day I limit fines for a little while to move we are neighbors and handwriting and Nell and. Yeah yeah I was there on that collection having used. And I don't know you know what it was I troll but I I think I belong to a year you know restricted I just. It was nice to be down toward future is beautiful group or is great product and arrogant I'm in talks on the floors beautiful. But but I just you know border read them in new York and I dismissed that straps peace at least. And the seasons and not wedding in December and I got you. You know you have to change she's that this stuff so. You know I went directly responsible why I look where I bid that the beaches and you're there every day there. I cannot wait to see you tomorrow and we're gonna party and we're gonna sweat and we're gonna do our Rel licks in on that fun stuff because obviously it. That I used in shape to his seat. I can't mention I got to mention Charlie working years and you know he's the promoter of of the club of the event. Her great block. You know I'm really happy that he's he's actually I believe we'll be down and and he's going to be doing a lot war this year which is great and I am glad to see you know it's I mean making a resurgence. On the floor and the ironic thing is that Q and it in mid day. You know it was New York exploded urban Europe's C and then and in order started picking it up and it keeps you down and it was like. And so we're seeing these happening all over again. And being older is new again Noel. Yeah you're definitely home you're on the right place.