Mr. Nice Guy LIVE in studio with Kenny!

Friday, May 19th

Mr. Nice Guy stopped in the studio to play a couple songs for us. Make sure you catch them at the FREE concert this Saturday (May 20th) on BG Whiskey Creek Hideout.


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It's gonna. And lead singer. All I don't think I can be a long morning we'll explain after blue Monday on the beach you. I I guess we have special guest tonight in the studio but I got to just say you know. Maria I've known you for how many years now since you were like twelve. That was just and yours and you know I'm like what kind of weird prussian. Com site a little nervous you get around her and you got this whole thing going on today with the big fat old beach look. And so are finally noticing lazy gentlemen mr. nice guy Lester back to. So what the big party is tomorrow this 4 o'clock. It's sets John Lloyd part I know it's got a new name now doctor Von might sell you wood Johnson but as always John Lloyd park in Virginia Beach this is a spectacular. Twelve dollar beer but it's precious that the whole liquor bar children families beach chairs it's a giant party in a degenerate do you crazy kids are going to be jam. On it yes we will be just figured out it you've got everybody senator whatsoever but it. You are you gonna sing you're gonna sing live first it was a couple of hours. Aria that we can give you a taste of what you're gonna come see Indy. Ladies and gentlemen without further ado mr. nice guy. Again that exists. In yeah. Gowns and. Mean animals. The news. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Nine. Yeah. Yeah. And. I'm. So lucky. Yeah. Man it's gone here. Gone yeah. Saying yeah. Yeah. At a time. It behind him now. Yeah me. Then she. Yeah ask me. Yeah yeah yeah. And yeah. Yeah. And. What are. Congress should realize that. All right as we had a giant Friday they would want. You know what it. You're already wrecking guys applaud him and he added this. Is possible that had all right mr. nice guy remember this concert is tomorrow 4 PM. BG whiskey creek Qaeda that's inside John U Lloyd state park. In Kenya beach 4 o'clock it's going to be eagle party at two atlases quick break more of mr. nice guy next. People party people crazy market and it's fine mist and as your other stories that and Maria and all of Tommy all about. How many listeners know you from this being you know from that bad all you musicians all know each other. Of course the KC and the sunshine band connection on it but the big party the reason you're here tomorrow night this is going to be spectacular as cold tomorrow afternoon search about 4 o'clock. It's a huge free concert with these guys mr. nice that one of the premier bands in the state of flora spectacular. Great deals are merit a free concert. And we want to thank our sponsors Catholic health services were quality care but let's quality service into the higher quality would think it is Catholic health serves is to make this happen. But isn't that where families are paying on the beach he got the brain is going to be a great weekend. And you guys rocket what do you. I'm. Partly cloudy high 88. It's seven an hour here in Miami Gardens. You can get shadowy and did you. Don't drive by everybody's good or right so what are next Wesley got plan. Different to each. There. Are accurately. It yes. Here. The it's. Okay. Okay. All Powell. The first concert I have ruined my let's what do got. Springfield civic center Springfield Massachusetts print that might point out that our drummer. Dave Webster's playing with called home. And he's battle tambourine on his. And didn't she love I had no idea I'd start or sit down one of those like Home Depot bucket she. Hop I'd. What is it that's some deal you made up you bill that we've. That's spectacularly in the nineteen instruments on that think it's like cannot support this things. Jack not everywhere you're gonna have a hammer right after sitting on that. This what you guys are just this is so much fun having you here plus we like every wanna be yourself relieves and so this party 4 o'clock tomorrow. Mr. nice guy get over Q and then they changed the name but it's John U Lloyd park in Kenya beach spectacular in your play. You clinical hold full such that the whole thing right. Whole band air we got all kinds of read music I mean who mode it's apple rock and it's not but parsley and and the theory. I want real life show. So quick but I'm. Like you're gonna have a real sound person and I gonna have me you have a real professional quality in now that we got a commute. I know yeah assured us. You obviously you know sleepless in Cuba less like I got up but anyway I just couldn't see him I'm glad you think that you wanna you wanna go to song you couch your let me break. And then. And and you know oriented Gabby I hope you don't mind that stunned the millennial you're gonna have to wait till later on. If we need to at all because this is just the stump stump the millennium you know ourselves on the players are our our trivia contest. Refrain from comment but we we ask you know we ask any questions normally she has no clue any it happened before last week I think. You'll make it will do it anyway entertaining for all the people are older and you know what we. Kind of joke I read back of mr. nice guy but hey the only 102 point seven beach is back with mr. nice guy or the parent. Our marketing director Yvonne everybody give Ron already about it. Has agreed hair yet the best care dollars. I'm not my song and I got a song mama don't give me sort of the song and it it's like Kevin is longer have time for. But but tell everybody what we're doing about the big party tomorrow 4 o'clock A generally park you know first. All the candy we all party around here I think that's all we do his party at this stage we just have bought all the silent as I disorder remind everybody tonight we have the free party at sunrise. Hey mayor Imus and enjoy the trucks might try and drug Mike Ryan item brother legacy you're out there tonight and then we have the big Lotus festival Boy George and Ace of Base and there are romantics dollar fund but tomorrow you wanna come to the beach. I mean I've I've done a beach party there was gonna have. This places like of like a hidden gem out there they've got the BG whiskey creek hideout. And it's like eighty bar right on the beach they got kayaking the paddle boarding and you can get all the drinks you need to give all the eats it got burgers Fries hot dogs and then we had the best band. And all South Florida right here. Mr. nice guy. Plus for very. If you look at barely Jimmy knew it was going. Now it mr. guys nice to commemorate those guys don't you think he has a remembers Fries beer and one of the best bands. Alliance please come out of SARS tomorrow for an holiday DJ holidays and be spending some tunes. Or this setup there is when you go into the park it's it's. It's just a beautiful place but when you go in the there's a little water area off the intra coast of the kind of curbs ends ago little right a little cold well you know why they called there was decree hideout back in prohibition. The whiskey runners used to take two whiskey and stick it down in the mud and then people will be canoeing around there's no I felt some whiskey. Always all bets are out that's why we got there are always looking for little Afro and we will be built in video we're gonna find too risky to mama and an. I get the yanks red notice it is a it is it is that GM and you know our quarterback is right. Chair reported already by the fear is kind of like you going towards accord that many take immediate left into that park. And just to follow Lewis haven and but it's a it's a fun part underwent. This is a full and you go to the full deal this is goal line hidden beauty and year old real musicians and stuff I'm off. And and Jeffrey will be awake by that time so he'll be even better than he is now we do that spot. If that's even humanly he's gonna Wear this beach office. If you do every 20000 people memory element that's a that according to yourself where you go to in my more. What do you got for you wanna tell she's gonna go into it for gone right into it. Surprising you are right let's go. We have to see everybody. And you. Handed down in them. Yeah. I. Yeah. Yeah yeah. And yeah. It's the line. Who is. Yeah. I. Yeah. Yeah. And yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Daniel hot. I. I. Yeah. That's an. Yeah. And that's like a line in the studio you're not my job you. We applaud Danny and jamming out you're really good seniors abuse. Song I'm into some pretty good singer myself so I know. I don't know any did they do now that I think that's where another day Maria didn't see Amman about it I'm sexy that's my. And when you got a body like the zoo that's how I. Then you so much for coming I know it's early maybe Wal-Mart honest mr. I'm keep art. I'm all the not awacs Karen. We got on the drums and a well Jeffrey James Harris are Ritchie is based. Disease ill and statements of Rihanna. Anderson. They're not. You know what this is good three you know we're having a good time you guys so tomorrow 4 o'clock to make sure you're there. I'm on the beach gaining a beach John Lloyd park. All this due to the beach Miami dot com all right you're wearing bikini. Speedo I got a right now. Ali on new auto two point seven debris music. Father.