Messy Moron

Wednesday, February 1st

Today's Morons in the News were pooped 


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They don't want our two point seven beach where it is time for morons in the news. We start with 42 year old Teresa Gillard from Lake Travis who seat heaters on she editor and boyfriend took your dog to the dog park. And her walker and the dog for any men another woman who they say well come back hang Elvis at our place and that was a pickle. Just must be really friendly people apparently have a Sioux City Arizona. And down and so Teresa and the woman had a couple of those Budweiser strum their readers. And this is the basic. Again producer Gabby Chiming in with everything we you know all we need visual and Jane Alexander we know everything about strawberry does. Any or doing shots department's knowledge in in back industry Litsch robbery in ads work what doesn't sound better than that but. Do so they're talking in the guide to grow it in and then this is how you know to the guy how about hey dude but you know we get a little weird through us. In. It'll kooky. And this can Wear this any guy the guy turned them down. He sits. Then that's it no you know the three of those he's you know I'm not feeling very well. So Teresa. Was not happy about it so she went all secular stabbed him. God you turn around. The timing stomach with a pair of scissors. Luckily the guys you know wound up calling was some megas minor scratches Teresa. Was charged with felony aggravated assault like really like. These are not the kind of people you invite home to your house to get weird weather meaning when you want to whip up the whip. Not the person. Another story this guy. Doesn't realize that you're you're surveillance cameras everywhere. You know that right you in the gambling or all of every golf uses cameras. Guy was arrested last week after he was caught on surveillance video smearing pull. On a car lovely that belong to the president of his homeowner's association. Alexander and Koon and officers accused of smearing. Pool. And Dodge Charger the belongs to Ronald pearl Holtz who always the president of the river walk community homeowners association of the road here in Jupiter. Ronald showed police surveillance cities and hey I got this camera and I assure you guys object instead that this is Alexander is gonna it would in my house in east Marron. Who bought my car. So that the guy was arrested on stalking charge in new needs been released on bond 500 bucks for. But here's my question do you Hugh Hewitt said the story isn't this is what I love about producers like you in and Stewart. Using the story doesn't end here now a dozen there is a website where you can purchase. And send it to people anonymously. On the cult group centers dot com and how about some love to get the hard hitting stuff that you come up with issues that kind of stuff we're looking for. That you found. A place. Where people can five hope. To deliver it to other people who they don't like you heard it here first each listeners you're welcome what what is your opponent. Defenders dot com may get his job you know I click on it right. It's raining here it is who presented the ultimate in gag gift sweet revenge and it's fine it's Lindsay please and owner. To select a type and size of and boots has said. They have cow dung a court is 1595. Elephant crap gorilla gorilla moved Kong gold who practices a gallon this is really most disgusting thing ever. A bargains what I admired and but I give you I give you props thank you yeah yeah look I throw us.