Kenny's Monday Sports Report

Monday, March 13th

A lot has been going on in the world of sports this past week, especially within basketball. Kenny gives his thoughts on all the latest sports news! 


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I everybody's Kenny walker thank you so much for listing in the show. And here's one of our highlights. Well that's great music and give you a quick update first of all the heat loss to the pacers went up to 98. He guards Goran Dragic has just giant high injury haven't seen who looks like rocky called me Mick. It's got hideous kind of at a portal that I'm not I'll put it up on her feet but it can't plus Denver based Saturday and it's ready to dolphins are doing crazy offseason so. And needed to bulk up on the defensive line this season after our superstars. In damage to sue Cameron Wake needs some help in the middle for the guy. Good move required run stopping specialist. William Hayes and a trade with the rams. We set a six rounder to LA for this guy in a seven. Genius move by the dolphins William Hayes is a monster great against the run average five sacks per year blessed by your. Also added some depth at safety or Friday we signed veteran Nate Allen been at least 4010. We've with the Eagles and then the raiders three interceptions he's a monster and then after a 126 he continued with the Steelers. Lawrence Timmons is without a Miami Dolphins is huge. I'm excited. Played mostly inside linebacker they had a 43 defense. In Pittsburgh and now the domes of the 43 so. You're saying you were negative problem his quote almost football player I just see the ball get the ball well. That's a candidate veteran in the locker yes I do see the ball get the ball and welcome to town guys into your grief your for the domes. And flora. Has got four schools go to the turn of Florida State the three seed gators a four seed McCain hit eight seed and would the fourteenth seeded. In the NCAA tournament South Florida golf because you're never. Yeah good news bad news good news here in the tournament yet about me Florida State I don't agree NBA first round upset about it. Now they're guys although I would readers don't put money in that game current president promised yeah.