Kenny talks with "Skippy" from Family Ties, Marc Price

Wednesday, January 31st


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So I saw the hole but all in trophy I mean everybody knows you orbit what you're doing on the behind the scenes in writing and producing in the TB as it's easy chip on showtime. All that cool stuff. Always still we still to I should always be skippy mark price with a that I have. I've I've grown to cope. With the nickname. The moniker you've done a pretty well that name. I've milked it pretty much more than anybody on a side role in TV history I'm pretty certain. You know people go JJ from good times he story number and he was the phenomenon of his show he was the Michael J. Fox of the show my JJ right I know might. He had dynamite JJ right so but I played that would be the equivalent of like the landlords still touring from good times right likelihood that he hit it over. If you'll be Rutherford from we've had to be lower are still going back. That would be made in ten years. Yeah it does no dirty and you Yunnan and rehab. You have a -- yeah your lions Ilya yet here not here in Australia that you jet fuel you're doing great things could happen this trip you never know happy lot right now earlier himself or do you think you can around it's that you gonna melt down fighting over right now I've got to just fight the the stereotypes because they've come from Hollywood of course and well first on resiliency character and an 86 counts of Bill Cosby you know pretty much blew that one or two possibly go wrong on our date. I go to Ortiz the comedy clubs up girls don't you wanna touch their drinks yeah right. Then I've got you know everyone involved Weinstein and Louie CK him to everybody him at Los Angeles pretty much making sure nobody from a TV show ever gets laid on the road again and Brian. And I don't even know out of attic you gotta just kind of fight you're instantly suspects. What's his depravity right he must molest a piece people us we're a little jaded and we're a little skeptical and everybody is on the list. So anyway we've we've do we get out to them it's weird going out into the world that's what I do I traveled to the real world where people don't like Hollywood. It was a love hate relationship. We we love the price which happens depravity seized it's an all time low. Pull it yeah we can't we can't get enough but come from a long line of of comedy this is really this is really your element more than acting when you say being on stage and comedy that's what started before it was unfairly as a little kid comedians and that was on Merv Griffin when I was fourteen and I had a little actors that frozen version of my dad my dad being a great comedian from the Catskill Mountains we talked about that. And die at Portland and that's where ray he was a very well known but he before that he's bingo when he was on the radio with Fred Allen in 1940. And he worked with everybody from you know Sammy Davis and George Burns to Lenny Bruce. And these matters friends so doing the TV stuff doing that TV shows it was nothing three. You walk Danny nature marshy rigid lines diseases majority but onstage and you report it. Was of about fourteen that I started on the family ties as well at all can ambulance and though wasn't quite as easy as that at first I. I was a little nervous but it wasn't may be as nerve racking as it would have been if I'd never been around shall see. I got a big break. My dad's body. From old show business was that dad on the Vernon surely remember the grumpy dad were on the pizza place Italian guy edit your members there is really was still Foster nobody knows his name on the shows mr. Defazio or whatever okay. And so. He was totally different he was deliberately area. And so he was a lot of guys scale a lot of people men and women give him credit for helping their careers he was one of those guys who just it was his. The word out where he knew everybody at Paramount studios and it was tied in with all the producers is that. And but in my case what he did for me was he invited me to the studio to watch. And I hung out one day and I just my mouth was on the I was just unbelievable for me watching them rehearse and worked on McCain jokes. And the cast of happy days to help me I'm may be thirteen years all 1213 years old. I don't know couldn't remember settler right Ziegler but whose job. And and then he saw how much I loved it and he would you wanna come back all week. Here. And that he said if anybody gives you any trouble you tell them your fill foster's nephew. And you just go hang out and I went around some more can mean the taxi. You know they were doing bosom buddies and Tom Hanks yet he wasn't a star yet he went on to be unfairly ties but this was you know before anybody knew who it was and he was so nice McCain needs to be Russian equipment is up he saw a young kid watching him aside he pleaded not produced all the celebrity it was awesome. And yet nobody doing yet what. A life. They go on and it wasn't just any show he did. That was an iconic show and I looked out. And you could have been Mama's Family. Unity Obama says she doesn't even a fairly ties him up. In a report 2010. AG and ordered. I've grown to cope I've grown up it's definitely a generational thing you have to remember the eighty's to remember family ties it's an eighty's time capsule show. And there's a whole generation and a lot of the comedy club. Kids that come to see the show's comedy clubs and remember him. I can even do Mallory jokes anymore and really as I get an eleven year old daughter who watch his family ties. Are it just it's just it's had it's good it's a good show. Does it bother you want people why is skimpy or do you embrace I'll tell you I've grown to embrace it it's give it everything good that happened in my life for many of the good things have happened in my life have come out of that group. And all the reviews and you comedy by the way if you haven't heard Friday night Centre right civic center February 2. Some arrests of you sit predecessors DJ than me. If it is an amazing trip by the way the phone number here on 9547474646. Boston Globe. LA times they're giving you big reviews evidently you're really a funny. Well we appreciate that. I ask hey I told her outlook go to jail don't believe what you read. On fiscal resources that is real journalism anymore publisher or unity. And our hair piece that you're having to you tell the stories are. Learn all around Florida I'm on the road with a great comedian and he's. I guess Stanley's Vietnamese is in his Villa when. But he's born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina and he's a hoot. And a half. And so he and I are on tour together we've been all over restarted in Tampa we that are are way around. Now we're here. And you've got Agassi shall for a connection so this is in a way coming home deal might fit looser my sister and my nephew. I think enemy they are did you get nervous on families there in early on it's not idealists and a friend and I'm always like Dunston right the front row. But they know did you they're gonna get a view is that what they've seen me you are good enough where I don't I'm worried about. But. My nephew we talked about have gold record with the platinum with the it's it's your birthday from the rich you are today I can't see any notably media. It's not that when it's the other and it's yet it's your birthday to. I was in mortgage you don't have to. It's the two live crew and he's worked restrict daddy in people and he's an awesome time out. So we've got some talent and our fan you're gonna do and are you gonna make has led to a funny stuff and tell stories and all that it's a Friday nights or civic center. Is this far is the show now everywhere we go all the old TV shoes everybody's drumming up all the dirt we set today and digging coal anger. Talking about Scott de L everybody. You guys in at any issues and national everything was perfect right mark no allegations. No allegations. I don't a perfect but it was it definitely was a guy get along great everybody was graders never any dirt about the shall we we really do have a good time I think everybody was you know fairly appreciative of how lucky we were to be honest I think it retrospective of talk to some of the cast members about this. Years later we realized we were even luckier than we knew. We thought we were lucky so we appreciate that but now we go while we were like a lucky us and you know that's just. Blessing we knew we'd do a show like it you know with the TV ratings are gonna be you don't know when your first two would your pilot for you you don't know what the future's going to be right EG is Julie and you have fun at big figure you or I until we all the only scandalous thing needs to say was that the parents on the show were originally the star which is true. Because the show. But offered an era where it moved from adults being with stars of every show to you know there had been read it to beaver subsequently notion however featured kid. But an arc. Point in history in the early eighties there every show became about the kids and every show became about young people and all of a sudden there was no such thing is old people on TV anymore and it's been that way ever since the Ed so Alec I think we started. Ed I was always hoping it would come back around all people that I've by the time I got old right but no such but there's. But yeah the kids Scott got popular and Michael J. Fox of course went through the roof. And so some people said at the time you know the parents were jealous or something minute like that for a true they may have been around Michael Gross who played the dad had been on Broadway. Meredith Baxter Burney she'd been sex symbol and superstar geoghan on to TV series a BG's. Crazy that way you know nobody's been on three hit series she US opinion in the know Bridget loves Bernie. Family. Which was a drama in the seventies through treatment and then to amortize. White shoes star I don't know read it you know there are three had access to put the dame family and it went yet. And die and soaked so she was and everybody in the cast is so appreciative of Michael J. Fox it'd be a game that was you know the fuel for our show and everything and it was a it was great are all young and all you still close and everybody gets together we did have a big reunion a few years back put it's more individually you know and I'm raising money for the Michael. We raised 101000 dollars we're doing it again this year mark pride she when you come to the show at the sudden rise civic auditorium Friday February 2. If you buy any of the merchandise we've got T shirts and dvds and stuff like that 100%. Goes to the Michael. Islamic and a good for you that's nice and it's just a joke because we like to show it we really don't wanna hear all that. Eleven and on you calls me a mantra we we tell people we don't wanna hear bad things about our favorite shows we grew up with this. You going memory. And is in skippy and all it Alex. We know we wanna hear good things that you guys I'm very target jumping just there out in Los Angeles I was just it's made official I'm now on the map of the stars' homes. I don't know how they know where I park my RV. Yeah well. I don't know. About a room just a little piece of what you get when you see mark. Pricing and comedy doing his show at the center right civic center but no dirt I love that you guys all get along together. Again when you started to show you didn't know this is gonna be a monster TV show and read a good idea. Though slate knew it mean for me any show was a monster TV shows a beyond television was pretty incredible there was I grew up you know TV kids watching it all the time. So when I was all of a sudden I was in it it was like well this is all what was it like to be a foot zealous and hit it first you know I know. And popular in the third season it was his third season third season are sitting in your start and if Ford to see your 67 year old kid you want Iraq everybody knows you you're in Hollywood. What was I was store you know store in the country even better than Hollywood. People really get excited and you know places where it's cold and ugly by the way Florida's been always very good to me. So I do wanna say I appreciate Florida but the past audiences are places where the people who come to Florida originally lived rent. Yeah every I think that's why they're nice to me of Florida August but I find that the the more cold and brutal the winters are somewhere the nicer the audiences are. And the more appreciative they are of television package is just have to get out of the house and enjoy a great night away from the cold and hanging out we yield. They watched a lot of TV grownup you know they remember the show. We hear is nicer guy he's as nice as that guy is as we thought he did. I mean yes he's great comedian and I have to apologize. Four of her when you walked in the building your beacon detailing your W Virginia genuine chance humans it's a cool thing my phone my fellow geeks know that was I won't say in addition we talked to a national gonna talk to. Mark price we see it skipping. Out and everybody knows the episode I remember more the show being you do these geeks around some. And so why was it boarding was more in Africa. Oh. I was like I figured I'd go votes he was born in Africa. But I thought they were just nuts and then I watched an episode the other guy and he's ordered Berkowitz and could use Canadian who thought that. Don't really I guess there's the me in the history of the show they flashback and the parents went to Africa to be a part of the peace corps. In all the all over odd televised and that's what he was born got you here is that you network in sizes of each have a little. Stuff you didn't know for ticket you call it awkward adult years since an image he offered adult yours tour. I think that's cool because you know we remembered by an awkward teen years but this is a live directly from the man himself skipping mark price right here for tickets in the awkward adult years show. 9547474646. Sunrise civic center seem to egregious nature combined let your pets.