Kenny talks with Shipwrecked Park

Friday, August 18th

Keny talks with Tommy and Rob of Shipwrecked Park. 

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It's always fun to talk to people who are or divers who were ocean guys. And I am positive and taking your brains tell us off fair here just a little bit. All the stories that we shared by all the all the dives in the event attended Tulane in the bid in the keys or your water person. These two gentlemen are are just they have something going on tomorrow truly a once in a lifetime event if your water person we'll get into that a six inch dishes just felt. Germanic John DiGiorgio won the board members are ship creek park pompano. It's pretty cool foundation we have gone out there rob and rob wire chairman bishop Fred Martin also to pump up. Give us a shipwreck park they don't even know what you're talking about and this is a really cool thing you guys have come up with yeah it's it's awesome Kenny thanks man is some. Right now there's about eighteen ships in this little area right off Pompano Beach in last summer we put it. What was told the lady looked down it's the first hardship we did so what we're doing is we're raising awareness by putting public art on the boats. But tomorrow is really cool tomorrow putting the Okinawa down and 10 AM and it's it's it's going to be spectacular. From Telstra the mission. So the mission is his base pretty simple it's straightforward and simple. Shipwreck parking is about really raising the awareness of the importance of our reef system. The reefs are declining as everybody knows due to bleaching in in warming and changes manmade changes that have caused decline in the in every system. A word about creating artificial reefs and the end conservation so this this little wreck we're gonna put down tomorrow the Okinawa. He's a 107 foot tugboat she was built in 1953. And we are a sinker and about seven if you water Austin she's been outfitted Arnold are artists are renowned artist Dennis Mac Donald. Alluded to work with us on the lady luck also has done the work on this on this shorter version. He has created dive bar if you will boom boom boom boom just dive bar is. Does all the promotions staff lit up when you say hey Bob yeah. Senator Hillary Clinton to become an obvious all the big smile. You see it didn't help also has this. So does dive bar has got a beautiful mermaid behind the bar it's got sea serpents they started out as Moray eels. But Dennis being Ukrainian guy that he is he he did get an up a notch and these are actually seeing creatures that are kind of surrounding the bar. On in the bar top is actually made out of us seashells and a very very like concrete. And the reason for that is as its eagle friendlies that will take a life. Very very shortly. We're saving a reef or giving divers things to do we're bringing more fish to the area and we're doing it all of the same time with that kind of a cool art project. Right off the pier tomorrow morning 10 o'clock you're going to sink the ship. Absolutely we are merely and we knew there on the beach and we washes that they can watch your from the beach you want to write offs appear in Pompano Beach and if you have a boat it's going to be nice weather Dumars sees less than two feet. Awesome last summer I think we had about a thousand votes out there. And Lou we can handle plunged the coach is going to be out there marine patrol that's a pretty cool but listen and we we see these stories and you'll see at. After the fact you seal videos of these things that happen around. This chance for you to be part of it as it happens historic moment this is a giant ship you run in doing stuff appear that ranked at least Olivier say they feed water. Just just under seven feet of water it's going to be amazing so sparklers can actually say can and you know as a snorkel as a scuba diver as a fisherman. I mean obviously your make your doing something for every we're trying to see if he's reached. You know we don't talking earlier about two keys Key Largo having been you know for 25 years and indicting there. And you can see how over time things he'd you don't get to worsen wares were trying to bring everything back. For everybody's benefit but doing a great thing to do we really. Young kids because they are our future and we need to help them understand the importance of these race. These kids created. A series of starfish that we've actually mounted. I'm right next city go to the bar very very colorful they did a great job and it's about getting them involved getting the community involved in in this business. Ross I love that you had the children near the bar thing just gets. Just started there in the underage sexual half. They're in the Stanley sections under rob thanks so much for coming by let's send somebody our listeners to website what I wanna send him. I'd shipwreck part pompano dot org. Sounds good you guys are things we shall see tomorrow morning OK okay thank you.