Kenny talks possible Amelia Earhart photo

Thursday, July 6th

Kenny talks about the new photo discovered in the historic search for Amelia Earhart. 

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If you don't Astoria Emilia Earhart is it is a famous aviator first female to fly solo across the Atlantic. And in 1937 she was attempting to circumnavigate. The earth thinking 37. They noted airplane was in 1937. And you are a little world and then and then somewhere over the middle of the Pacific she just disappear and end. People like you what happened on this mystery over the years that would have. We've helped spark off the author threatening unnamed. Nearly an hour apart. We had one of the and the recession and answer Barbeque or something so she you know she's world famous Emilia Iranians have been shrouded in mystery all these years. Will now. Beaten up there talking about the possibility of you may be maybe this photo they found may be that Theres. If it is a story to the Japanese. Social suggest these people are found Reggie was and the snow. She survived it's critical we have an exclusive. On the radio. And our radio station only here. For you here let's let's play this for you. No mystery of the flight of famed aviator Emilia Earhart who may have been so all. A photograph has been discovered this seems to indicate that Emilia may have survived the crash of her airplane. And that she was captured by the Japanese. Photo however does until the whole story because all along with the photo an actual audio tape of the flight has also been found. The first time on broadcast 30102. Point seven the beach movies now I'm ready to reveal and his shocking. Audio. Don't touch me up and down and down. Yeah. And it's. Right as it turns out to Emilia air Harden had been flying. No I didn't.