Kenny Talks with Mr. Marlin, Jeff Conine

Thursday, January 25th

Kenny talks with Mr. Marlin himself, Jeff Conine, about an incredible marathon he will be running to support Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital. He will be doing 7 marathons in 7 days across 7 continents.  


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The beach we're so happy to have mr. marlin joining us today. He's got a 1987. Marlins a ring any got a 2003 monitoring Jeff Conine join ministers. Just good to have you back on the show how you doing while we. Blew up Jeff is doing something unbelievable for Joseph DiMaggio children's hostel for the kids in this this. Undertaking is so unbelievable living seven marathons seven continents in seven days Jeff just to run one marathon to run 26 point two miles like I dry age 26 miles. I got to pull over I got a T could. I had a stretch my bag. The older you got your round into a well known I tell people I'm doing so those very hours out of luck and out of subliminal plumber well wait until it. Either I'm crazy or stupid or both I would. Irsay easier once those just thinking about solid just forget this fact he's physically is beyond grueling pace. It's basically yeah about the challenge. I'm not a big time playing sweet bird feeder so. I don't know how the poor sleep deprivation is going to be part of this entire process. And the people who have done this or so that are you are thinking as you know here. Besides getting a Russell is our decision between races you're trying to get a much you can hear there. And unfortunately we're museums. That this nation you get up Asia road. Mr. marlin Jeff Conine and no offense and Jeb your big brawny guy a big tough guys yeah exactly. The body type of these 82 pound dude from like Nairobi we expect if it. Maybe 26 miles or basically and not knowing that I'm trying to keep my body movies. In all directions or it's gonna take a long time and after this is over I hope I never run another step in my entire life. Yeah I don't mean Jeff Conine refers to the conine clubhouse that's legitimize your shoes hospital it's sort of a home away from home. To getting medical care Joseph DiMaggio children's hospital and now my good friends Chris and Cornell Joseph Riley to the finest people I've ever known run at least in jeopardy they're all that. I'm looser labor of love and as if you don't do enough now you arrest seven marathons in seven ace. Seven continent did it know would you ever say yeah. I wish Jeff Conine would do little more from. He lieutenant Tony for the annual golf tournament on Monday as well. And all the proceeds that I go to the core of some what we were called out to dinner by Sean sell books. Certain Childrens Hospital. We've service 111000. Families 111000 families have got this we have all of us but we're so does districts. Unbelievable Jeff Conine will run seven marathons on seven continents in seven days. You start out in game. They're running on the road America that's the marathon number one status under the gun goes off her marathon number one you've got us. 468 our suspicions poverty four miles. Antarctica. Running any ice. The thing you fly a teacher aid to towns South Africa and run a marathon continue flying towards Australia where you will run a marathon. Kills a fly to Dubai. I'll be talking about this yet you be running a marathon there then it. You go to Lisbon Portugal to run America and then you go to Cartagena Colombia there and Iran it. Back to Miami. It's unbelievable seven marathons seven continents and seven days Jeff Conine mr. marlin doing it off for Joseph DiMaggio Children's Hospital. In Hollywood Jeff thank you. So much for. Please don't you think premiere on everybody donate. Did you complimented them on the marathon dot com and you can donate right message just don't ask iCloud this.