Kenny talks with Lost In Paris

Friday, February 2nd


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All right now tonight live bands in the studio. Praising their positions to get a Friday morning Gillick and it's so great when you get someone get in the building. Everybody everybody just kind of open around is it's Friday morning there's still have visited DC it is instant party and an associate. The big party tomorrow night's super beach poolside party lost in Paris it's with a tell us some of the and traditions of you guys really young and I'm Vinnie this is great I guess don't. And gentlemen good morning you read on them like look more. So tomorrow night. This used to be like a VIP thing but now since we took over we invite all the crazy people everybody to death because everyone everyone there and we're not we're not about to be aware of I have religious. So DJ holidays going to be there we've got this big party 21 and up tomorrow night our super beach and poolside party so it's seventy and Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. This is poolside yet. This is going to be great I I hate you guys got the whole creed be jam and go great early yeah early on us were lost and got go go gadget we Epperson an annoyance. It's gonna be a great time and some of these mental case crazy people here and dear god is going to be not the whole crew to party with us us so it's free entry drink specials on this great music and Ned just go to the beach Miami to our country if we'll make sure you join us so great way to kick off. They get grass allowed to say the that the soup when the game it's the game that's so this is the big part and can you guys you mind it just. Maybe not in title song for us Telus is showing me you can do tomorrow night's that we get a little taste. You'll get a little you know little sample of time we are also getting a strategy to get it right into it in the high you just don't write in and I don't know when you lost in Paris and. Yeah the bit. For those. Showing you kind of I didn't and bear heads until May. You don't. Okay. Oh yeah baseball soccer is so high school liberty. This and other than did just that they're. I'm real short and sweet and fun city gonna do they want us all museum a little of everything her yeah yeah. Do you a little bit over the last. Probably go from queens to Bruno Mars. There is there also have. Cigarette right now you can go to the mat class. Yes yes you guys have never been up this early in your lives I can tell all you. And so delivers delivered again in here that Danielle yes it tomorrow night the party's gonna be huge user super beach poolside party. Right there and to be Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino sentenced to 1021 and up. Go to the beach Miami got.