Kenny Talks with KISS Legend, Gene Simmons

Friday, January 26th

Kenny talks with KISS legned, Gene Simmons about his new box set, "The Gene Simmons Vault."  

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If you're a fan of the musician and they come up with a box set we you know you don't keep count. But this thing you've never seen a box set like this before joining us this morning rock and roll legend from kiss. It's Gene Simmons Jean everything he's going your way right now life is good he got to be at. Under orders we are great I love hearing that you're very patriotic person. If you don't of the bacterium Gene Simmons came to the United States as a kid. When his mom from Israel in his mother's story is incredible holocaust stories Jean Simmons mom witnessed her mom walked into the gas chambers. And you said time and time again to your success story rags to riches story is living proof that you are the American dream and that's. Why you love this country so much. Everyday I wake up and I'm one of those. It's weird because school on the fly balls off questioned my car hold ourselves children and Aldridge. Well said Gene Simmons from kiss when us today. Go to the beach in Miami dot com enter for a chance to meet him he'll also get this exclusive them all to win when genius is a giant box set it's like a safe. That's delivered to somebody else right. The so largest box that. In the world letters ever come out of its literally over three feet tall and always. Forty pounds. Yes emotions sort of safely on metal hardware metal wheels and all that's just. And got a combination all of us at what I do is to. That's nobody's ever done this are both true and next here we go around the world. And I can deliver the ball to anybody who buys just. So in my country Miami's pastry there's gonna join us when it comes to Miami to throw some balls those calls so far. Are gonna get together we're pleased. A look at other acoustic guitar tell stories jewels will probably show the will be paid totaled. But I think that since sign it isn't I can now tells a story it's a 167. I'm really strikes and eleven CDs. Wow lot. There's and there are a lot of songs on there that you collaborated with some other fires can user names. Every song cycle of Bob Dole and and treats that Palin changed so much traction as well as Joseph Perry of Aerosmith members of how emotional but none of it has ever been released its abuses it's fifty years from 1966. To 2006. Music there's never been release with some denies this box at the Gene Simmons involved. You're sitting here listening to music no one else has ever heard before. I trust. And if you sat there and try to listen to everything it wants citizens will not be vertical deliberate because that's you'd see those settings under ten dollars plus overtime hours. If I didn't mention it before it's great he's gonna fly and enjoy everybody. To tell stories of good songs apiece play her arm. That's accidentally and all the wars original gods. Fans' ears are gonna lose their minds of this box said Gene Simmons and Paul. Go to the beach Miami got comedy enter for a chance to meet this guy raise your Gene Simmons you have to be and they showed today get on that bad boy and chain I hope you don't mind which is one of my favorite kiss songs. As we see think you can be on the show today. Good luck this amazing Roxanne agree we can't thank you don't appreciate you don't.