Kenny talks with The Goodnicks

Friday, July 14th

The Goodnicks stopped in this morning and played some songs for us! Check them out tonight ( July 14th) at Friday Night Soundwaves

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This. No the. Yeah. Two point seven B 8083 and ready to go live music coming up pretty thirty. Are banister and a good mix every. Just like a lot of you guys. And so you've got keyboards and instruments are you plugging in everything right now. Get your read on what's now what you're gonna get you about 830 get you some live stuff right yeah yeah we're we're psyched. Ready to. Kicked off with a couple of classics songs for you don't keep it Jesus which again you want to you know we're gonna play still the one. And on the brown eyed girl and brown I grow up what do you think did you guys give you those rockets that can you make. Here's tonight's big. Plays on the beach ball. You resident headliners you better be good you better be good at 830 we have begun deadly. I've I can breathe and you can't let the good mix today 3809. Am. It's 830 right on the button look at us go good good next hour here or not tonight. Trying to sound way and I for a lot of these. And our he's over here with a B don't play when your video these guys don't put me in the video out of office Friday. I initiate iPods as you gauge off because all sixty like rock start dudes. Yeah look at he guys go look at them a radio guy so I saw you kick the so tonight you're going to be doing the gig on the beach Fort Lauderdale. And you do couple songs for woody needed now we have. Well if we kick it off with still the one. From Orleans. And these gentlemen good looks can be a little love in your. Yeah. Good Avalon. Okay. Head. Are you guys are good lady and gentlemen good mix. Gentlemen I Friday night sound waves on the beach and Portland and he flew more songs that I love the high. Armies you guys tennis early in the morning and we would send you all musicians like rarely get into this game show early unites a people so you don't think Michelle is good enough. I'm Matthew what felt like when they're away. It's just unload sick while having back in about ten minutes OK more with a good mix coming up one of two point seven the beach. It's so much funnier thank you very much for coming into the good knicks tonight fight and it's always six tonight Fort Lauderdale beach. The first song was really really good. So if you as soon as we go down if this yeah I cannot say that. Don't say that you're gonna do great we need is Knut is no one else does live music on the radio. So we're going on on the media's really has to be good I don't wanna put any pressure. Yeah of nine and 50000 people listening at. So just relax have some but it's a good knicks tonight they're giving Iraq an out on the beach Fort Lauderdale for Friday nights on ways to get. It. And. You know. Yeah. OK okay. Game. Okay. Who. Yeah. Every. Yeah. That's good mix everybody. Idle all live music on the radio all of bands like you guys come and in doing this just grabbing your instruments. Plugin and going at it. We've tonight. Six partygoers. This is a free concert right. You guys are going to be out nearly hit me of some cash mr. La. And I know you have other jobs to goaded me and we let uniter he beavis thank you so much for coming in. You guys entering their good knicks everybody are. Sirens or anybody to. Good next dot com that's EG GOG. And EK. It was a treat thank you so much are right. Have a great week we see it's like 46 to nine on the beach fort slaughtered us for Friday night sound like one more time given after the in the.