Kenny Talks with Darius Rucker

Friday, January 19th

Kenny talks with Darius Rucker ahead of this year's Chili Cookoff festival. Darius talks about his trips to Miami and his love of the Miami Dolphins. 


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Point seven. Even headliner for tomorrow's chili cook off Darius Rucker with a scary yeah. Whatever it. Well glad cold weather is gonna get perfect weather for tomorrow chili cook off the planet lighting you mean I think any official intro. Multi Grammy winning. GMA winning an Academy of Country Music award winning billboard award winning GMT award today get all of you got a hundred of those words about it. So diseases they Gloria user experiences and about about when and where do you all these awards Darius rice the little. Father spent an area on Monday he's been there's your towards did you come. Especially. Hunter your house. Tell us some little rule that India has been much differently I gave it was a I'm newcomer what's your level par 100 no credit records trailers certainly you wouldn't know workers there's. You know if you include looked well. As to how I know what I did and yeah you know Olson toward of one of the world's assure everybody would have come out. See on the jobs I have lake. Three bowling trophy joining worth a crap every one of my life and I got them front and senator and my wife thinks they're Haiti is but I took her out of just about I guess that's a IBC Saturday we're all looking forward do you headlining chili cook off Toronto there's going to be beautiful but we also remember you as a front man for all this great songs including and the blowfish. And I am a special memories I was Dan Marino's charity event I was that where you were singing Sinatra standard. While you remember their regular says outlet to dress up. I was a little while. And I remember people saying it all in all of you Darius is gonna be seen Sinatra liner that has got great heist that. But to make that jump to be able to do it on top forty music any new country and sing Sinatra. You can do on a show is going to be amazing tomorrow and I'll never forget that concert. Celebrate your very delicately there remember that usually leads what. A great way those things that if it's anything new studio and into. You you know are those who delivered elements. The renowned insecurities that. Well balanced public he's not a bit slower climb OK we've heard they do tomorrow. Yeah of course yeah still a great memories and you are here not too long or go for the Orange Bowl game your South Carolina guy. And congratulations gamecocks beat Michigan. I feel about a twelve or four weeks about family. Certain career who operate gurgling sounds nice to watch it then we'll go to our biggest gross ever. Senior down near South Florida visiting him curiosity cornerback or you're only occasionally go to there's still hasn't. Sukuk go to a little AM bingo rooms you know all her breasts aren't so mental determined until. I was just. We were there other occasions I don't know enough. Seattle and you go to when we ask for Guido my waiter who's the best pain I'm not going to get all the South Florida connections soon so this is sort of like coming home do you be comfortable on station her. Wheeler got the Johnny Cecile your friends and cronies and Dan Marino and all that. Did their listeners I think YouTube and allied itself is going to prepare for parliament and an area with an engine blown all the guys overthrow America. There's no collusion OK okay you know I was getting penalties if you can think event he didn't do those global cumulative thing do you do well we. Artists saying there as we know he can do is not good don't pay is not good. Khalil a little bit about it. Let Dan Marino throw balls you do this thing if the various and speaking of Dan Marino and our beloved Miami Dolphins they make me cry too. The almighty premiere of the much further. I mean I will resume the work of Iran's official who heard. I think that her. I don't know dude we know we don't focus of what people feel good. And they did so what do we do for you but just more powerful sports editor of us. Hospitals to be who loop who have got a call I think it was with all the I want us to London's ice I don't live for 36 hours. That's right you sang the National Anthem saw Taylor who sing the anthem and wash your beloved dolphins and and it in court. Could and I know I know tell me about an eye and I remember you and Aaron and I and I introduce you period. Bring me singing the National Anthem for the Miami Dolphins NFL London Wembley Stadium. Then he had to rank up there did a pretty cool I agree that's pretty cool. Darius Rucker we don't normally the blowfish is amazing career country right now he annual chili custody of the speech explaining how. Good luck tomorrow. Or do we grew up Obama steered clear Gary's right muscles on the Saturday facial injury time Darrius it's your turn.