Kenny talks with Bushwood

Friday, June 16th

This morning Bushwood joined Kenny in the studio to perform some songs live on the air! Catch them tonight (June 16th) at Friday Night Sound Waves on Fort Lauderdale Beach! 


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What a two point seven of Major League ready for the week get ready for Friday. We're ready for tonight of course every Friday night. Friday night's sound waves on the beach Fort Lauderdale beach 69 they will enable us Solis and it's free now last week we had some bad weather. This week back to sunshine. Breezy you guys who stars of the show it is bush would with Adam Tony Alex Steve good morning everybody how are you. Good morning South Florida. What's he hits did not really had to do what Jeff woody gap forcing me to break got something original out. That's right we're into those song caught in control three yen is. In control so we get we get guitars in here we've got is that's a trombone. That's the coolest instrument ever the trumbull so you guys are without further ado about a round of applause for. Bush white Knight Rider and I can't wait time clearly opened. Giving elevating. It's. And again now and then on the water around de Aaron king's day. Sinuses and then down home this came mail. It's just an on demand channel memo ends ms. Careers you were. Yeah zone and time Jones. Runs as Sunni and being concerned shows ran. He is arm in terms. Runs this inning and being blown Joseph moon back and now. I think it ads and sound this Jumbo loan dance around. So again on this and Zack and. And neo shine boy days blow blow. And then there'll I mean zone. And. And now. Early in known about the needs. Serious decisions so far out man. Because and in times. Yeah. Nuns and sending dean and turns are now. And now. And turns. Home. I'm just seeing and being in concerns Joseph moon and ask Obama. He can't sing this land led then sad and turn the sand. I don't and then then moon. And this in new leaves thrashed around. We won't hear a sound man than me un. Young rose. Believe in now. Berlin bounce back this season. This time I'm winds slow down and a lot of times is standing and dean turns to the Iraq now. He is around noon time enjoy a minds as any kind of being on the show and you at all I. Yeah. Yeah. Seriously this Sunday morning community off. And he can't show. Is sound and aren't sure. None exists in any team stern show on grass now. And now. Then in comes Joan. Planned this and me being. Show. You guys are out okay. I'm loans go to air we got guitars gone bush who are. So called zero real live genuine musicians. Just jam and around the studio stand back and watching you guys were crap. Can you stick around us put us on March Ottoman army got dogs and cats coming candidates wanting this morning. Kelly got more bush sort of Adam Tony Alex did you guys I love this I love it you go out. 102 point seven the Beijing they're called bush would and they'll be performing tonight. That's right on the beach Fort Lauderdale Friday night sound waves you crazy kooky kids. Adam Tony Alexy and at a just omitted. His wife Vicki soliciting right now based on romantic and it. That was I thought. I thought a clutch for sure every you just used that was really strong argument on his own. I she can't understand. You know and you know knows no calling out. Because Adam just told us off air that Khloe police favorite radio station taking gets. A men and I want us to oneself up you know and nine out of ten veterinarians. Say that their dogs are happier. When they lose this race. These people I don't know whether the dogs for short are city guys have another you gonna do an original. You do some find a cover we have we're gonna do a cover of some Bob Marley beautiful so what this is. This is an example of what we might hear tonight when we see you sound ways receives that I out of for sure so typically when we find out we hear about what what are we here we come to that you're gig tonight luck you know we'd love to mix up but some funky reggae music and we just want to bring that beach five to bring that South Florida vibes everyone's ears. Perfect for this race as it by the way if I haven't always a pleasure having you near the nicest guys in the world so here they are without further ado bush would RS. On. 30. And number. Now setup. And balance in there with you guys that. Give out send. Them did to John do the flag and singing. Send. Them to extend them here I have a. Don't stand. Up and and give them my. Please don't tell me. Heavy in his young man he I. No you don't know. Well misery you learn a conflict in zoos Anglo. The number of lives and now I see the last time we got this. You guys. Stand up. I didn't. Says no and no and John gave them back and saying it's and did it's. Kind of standout but I'm Diana. Stand up and. And gave up. But and. Most people saying. And Greg haven't come from this guy and. Yeah you have reason. Men and everybody feel. And Lou and van as well yeah. He's so. In that. We have done this yeah well you diet. Homestead. Send them. And that. Analysts cannot. And stand out. Send us earlier I am. Instead another yeah. Give the black. Not doing it doesn't around bank and then. It's no can do. And I don't know that. That's another. But its own game but I well. Yeah senate. Its own game. I was Sana and then never I am. Oh San and I didn't. And. Bob Marley for you guys that he's so much to him by. Tonight on the beach moderate image suffering concert six and I anyone analyze those Adam thank you very much. Tony thank you very much Alex thank you very much Steve thank your name it's our pleasure thank you so much guys. It's a party for you guys in every day's a party life is good to be bush would I've just been a disaster as a free concert. Friday night's show always thanks for being in on the beach have a great we get the timer Rodham applause these guys.