Kenny talks with Big Harvest

Friday, August 18th

Big Harvest came into the studio this morning and played some music for us. Check them out tonight, Aug.18, at Friday Night Soundwaves!

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Big 32 we got a roomful of dread locks here today. Yeah we got a crazy but how about some upper big heart as I noted I. For yourself. It was so this is strings Dick Armey strings my limits are those. And in his. RB IRS. How do you guys you guys did he get can hold cold will come hey Kelly look at me I did the dolphin game last night attache at the sterilized and you guys are all said today wouldn't Friday nights now if you don't you're gonna get into your your right on the beach for allotted hour. And that's got to be so awesome and cool hope. They had to put what's the website if you wanna find you how they find you do big harvest the dot com also on social media is it him not that big artists. Big harvest so tonight Fort Lauderdale beach last Solis today when a six tonight is what her favorite things we love ordering the front Ari every every all the street music South Florida. We're get sick for the big rip tide is all of precursor of a rip tide we're gonna have 4050000 people on the beach. Big crush you tonight weather looks good it'll be breezy out to beach. So can you place on the fresh right now is that cold plus the what do you think you what did you what it tells you you're doing is what are going to really don't want anybody to worry about a thing isn't it great night to mango. As thousands of them Moscow they are just. And song on her. And yeah. Banning. His son. His team. Time. This well. And and rules. Hanging. Is out as soon you won't go into the game. Florian. And I'm. Yeah. I feel. A smaller. I has done. Yeah. Our news rules. That's who you talk we'll. A good time. Until grant. Married. Yeah. And I love you guys. It's kind of like let the cold drinks coffee commercially god. I didn't salary I just wanted to light is what goes on TV right there's all chilled out. CNN do you into some reggae legal calypso all you knew little of everything he does have covers and some. Sesame original set to accomplish or actually just. We'll ask him tonight. I am so you guys GA I heard he's going to be get a whole manners tonight that's right as real money like crazy so relaxed actually won the neighbors said then that they harvest is a town. Yeah it tastes smells something funny Bob and our dad can I. Army is okay everybody here's somebody hits or Rios to revisit the sentinel limited period of months after. Humble bigger ever since her comment ten night Friday night sound waves that made.