Kenny talks with band, Spred The Dub

Friday, April 21st

The guys from "Spred The Dub" came into the morning show today to talk with Kenny about their show tonight at Friday Night Sound Waves. 


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Right now I sound waves live music on the beach Fort Lauderdale they won a lot of soul is joining us through stars. Point that's Isaac. I love Friday nice sound ways to spread the dubbed joining us all the way from west palm and Hollywood. Kim and running wanna guys. They never vote against it drives I use those on a bit for me. It was well worth it. Think like recently down this morning good news you know wasn't on the gonna make an exception may need to remind. We're just talking and I got off their high eighth. He's the only real thing you you must get used to it. Now did you just kind of fight through color you can spread the job performance tonight six tonight. If you don't know mosque Friday that sound Reuters is a cool thing this city does. Friday nights on the weather's great on the beach fort lot of you guys are on your own literally on the beach like last time we should have a say. It's right there right. Don't we just. Biggest fans people music lover you just write your ring mix either on top you guys will you do it again. Com. I used to go around and it tends to usually yesterday was our ten year anniversary. Congratulations. I was wondering I was wondering on a couple things. He's always check out right now firing your cars and listen to would you have like CDs or what's on your phone for music well what guys like you what do you listen to. We'll man publish a semi he's still ahead heat that's a loaded question how parents. Just different answer for me I want to yeah. I or. An essay about not give you enough information that I. I assuming everything you know is illustration from. Anything and everything we can't you know it's not just this thousands we've where later Reyes you know it's. How would you how would you call it what you calling for spread the W good because you have your own Coolidge. It they'd like to call it good time reggae. It's a little bit it's a mix give me some skies and little Tonka little R&B soul and it's very quickly I. We stop talking about a place of an American but the music speak with what do you do for us this morning on the mound we're gonna do a song called who knows itself of our second CD and yeah. You see you on the show up to you today and is that OK okay Brenda got ladies and gentlemen. Oh. Right nice sound waves on the beach. Lot of live from. From six tonight. I'll I love people. And July mean he'd just great music so tonight there's going to be amazing Friday night's sound ways like music on the beads spread the job South Florida's very owns it. You don't all of a bunch of guys did you also Cohen has your into the animal thing you guys. You guys have done benefits firfer dogs for animals before right here we have this thing go in this will be. So we are third you do it because they love park back benefit we partner with the bunch of local bands in. Local dog shelters we've done a great big dog ranch and Peggy Adams golden Palm Beach in. We try to throw a benefit concert in get some pockets of people out to raise some awareness of the constant. Raise some money be you know our lead singer make god at least like three or four dogs adopted just I personally himself emperor himself. Posted up on FaceBook instant. That's what we're trying to do here yeah Tennessee and and where we're probably 50% like every other dog we get adopted your Fridays we do beach buddies. By the way guys thanks again spread them Friday night's town lay 69.