Kenny is live in the studio Shauna Sweeney

Friday, July 28th

Shauna Sweeney stopped in and played a couple songs for us this morning! Check her out tonight(7/28) at Friday Night Soundwaves!  

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An ad every every Friday we love the degree burn Britain bay and then artists seem to get ready for Friday night's sound which enjoys is mourning the Shaughnessy really everybody shot up. How are you to enter our contest that normally we have a big hand and people with instruments and you know. This set up for the band sometimes can be a lot. It cords and wires and and get some sneak into the studio and people trip and overstep. And it just unit of time. And I now and later tonight. Spoken tonight on the beach as when you go crazy he just kind of just traveling today. To tell us about you give website yemenis and you can tell us about your short. Anyone who wants to find my music you can find it on Sean Sweeney dot com. And I also have a new EP that the pre orders just started today you can find out on that website. Or on young trees music dot com which is the new band album is so against them some room. He's gonna just jump on her to look crazy fourth I would love to. And David it is good you know we'll keep you around all day. It is funny you know she was in Ghana hallways singing and music wahoos had really good. And in Gabby was seen it was her shoes line at taking credit for. Yes you are there was shot to shot Sweeney everybody here we yup. Here's NBC's John. Don't get this thing. And we lines. I. And. Name and. Yeah. Yeah. And the Emmys and I. And it's an onion and you know get the help TV yeah. Thank you please me. It. Yeah. And gotten out. Game. And. Is your menu won't that right up just you bigots are. It's an edge of the hole barely you re fun and you get the dimples gonna let you sell W what did you sing ever. You know I think Norton keeper for six series songs like all that it was just. And can you see Renaissance plus a couple of minutes and hang out more shot coming out on the beach it's just this week is finally back. Back at 831 armed powers say hello and thank you get a shot a sweetie for come by distorted John cops. Sean I won't be performing tonight or Friday night's sound waves on the beach Fort Lauderdale. If you knew the show may be new to town or you didn't know about this whole thing may be senator radar screen. But our friend Ari here. The one with the camera in my face. Com book she's great artists Friday nights to come over to four wanted to be six to nine anyone in Los soles right there see you on that beautiful kind of promenade area. On the brakes on the favors and then the beach is right it's a you can literally see it in our beach chairs and in watching us it's an idea of the four piece band with. On the dale slept in today. And and you're here with this bad weather and at first the first sign means Cheryl crowing enough and and you know it's they've had a people before you get into this show on how to people find. I you can look up my website or just Google my name which is Shawna Sweetney as at each day UN tanks. SW EE and why. That's promising dot com or just Google me in a month based on YouTube and all its cash on swing Friday similar to that we got prisoner. I don't play an original song this is. It's not one from the new CD but it is going to be a bonus track on the on the CD I feel like it's picket line that. Ticket BG on for Friday and for our show tonight and you can catch that live with the bands Islam called for to enjoy the rat hole you. Is there anything that no lights no hate that don't wanna go that's flat and he is and attack. And every day goes past and the past snapshots and dean insults back and no man's high maintenance plan and Liz did it stranding. Don't. Yeah. Don't. I just don't do. Just tell him. Oh yeah. Their faces we should go next time. Everywhere he makes me want to tell mine lives mostly black and still. I think in changing the plane ticket plus imaginable and hangs the less we like Brad did it and land saving. Okay. Plan. Oh. Justin yeah. It's. Today. Now it's. Coalition. You know and the just means no. But John it's. Yeah. Jewel from joy and and that's really really good thing for coming in today looking forward to seeing guys tonight the whole men. Sean Sweeney dot com Friday night's only 69 and it on the beach four letter and it's absolutely free haven't forgot I think I make it all it. Isn't trying to be professional here. And now it's a stretch for a guy like me very good about it it's just thank you much for coming. Appreciate it we'll be following your career all over the place good luck tonight. Debbie good going Ellen and yet because you know why because they have alcohol that's why I made herself a shot at winning again everybody what I two point seven of the.