Kenny Interviews Todd Rundgren

Friday, April 13th


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The legendary Todd run Graeme joining us this morning I Tyrone green is reuniting with the original members of utopia. It's going to be great show Wednesday night Broward center for the performing arts that I know would legalize gay certain bands have this kind of theatrics or another kind of team or. There's a light show its empire Rochelle what you expect when you tell. Sometimes it'll be yes with on the late night tour last year very hard productions. Almost like a Broadway Show. Com. Then they'll be occasions where like I'll do its special kind of like one of things with a orchestra or something like Corso would go whispering go cruel just. Six years or so. So you'd never know what to expect except. Now you know what to expect. It's going to be utopia. From one end to the other. Well it's kind of built into the foundation of the but close but it wasn't like. I don't gonna put a band together don't gonna hold auditions equipment under the bank. We. Are built a studio in New York City you have to or something anything and while most former recording since that have been done. In a studio mono. And that was kind of an original idea that they're knows there is apparently are partnered with. Move between them one of the guys who was in the original utopia. And this. This studio became art playpen and we wanted to all of these projects that we might not have been able to do otherwise. All the guys who were in the originally utopia and had participated concessions on my record. So these guys were already seasoned session players on that play all kinds of music and to. Just you know well we're already playing together one that we can open to like put a band together because roll into this new. Fusion music you know. Prague rocket. And jazz fusion and that sort of thing. Which is all about the plane. So the foundation of the Tokyo would know based in kind of like it elevating our musicianship to whatever degree. We possibly could and that. Kind of stayed with the band even as we slimmed down and we V became you know like a quartet and became worried and towards. Up pops along at war and we still you know so the plane. The quality of the plane was an aspect that distinguish dust from. Well from other events and away. We all that you do and you have done do you consider yourself really be tar player. At heart. Well I started out as a guitar player. And invested a whole lot of energy trying to. To master the instrument to the degree that are capable. That was part of the reason more are they unformed utopian the first place. I was beginning around something anything to do most of my writing on the piano. I just felt that more appropriate. Oh on. The closest there are limitations to sit here writing on the guitar you only complete six those who want to go in there. Does seem that. Having all those totally doubt Prodi is just you know gives you more ideas so I guess. And I thought I was getting you know that I would think you kind of neglecting my guitar playing because I was focused more loose songwriting. And that was a reason to start the bear to get been briefed focus on the guitar or solar would not have wastes little usually spent trying to ministry. And I've discovered that you know and a lot of context and I still played. Keywords sort of make it records that a lot of context of just a terrible keyboard well. And I don't. Well it you know it's. Because when I started singing. I get very sloppy on the peace. I'm not like Billy Joseph or something like Greg concerning your sword play. Every so I let things get carried away with the singing in the in my hand to get all floppy. I know as as a as a group as them as a listener I dig out take your vocal zinni gave over the piano player that's just my personal take on that. Priority he what they are yes. I'm glad you agree or an amazing artists are amazing guitar player but we let your vocal. Thank you so much for taking a minute for us we can't wait to see in town calling all you told millions yet better I mean there at the Broward center for the performing arts. Wednesday the 25 Todd run in case against three time can't wait to see. My pleasure thank you approach is so.