Kenny Interviews Beach Majors Players

Tuesday, February 27th


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One out two point seven the beach we're so excited to be part of the biggest volleyball players on earth coming of Fort Lauderdale. The beach volleyball major series of sex today actually in the same spot and Fort Lauderdale beach when we have a retired music festival. The legendary JC Paterson is here with us today we're. Have you enough here we need to have you more offered Greg Casey give see official introduction yeah hi I Casey Patterson from US at all at all. Playing near the beach majors series it's there to be here thanks Kenny 600000. Dollars for France of course and I neutral for my children's oil and diapers I am for a half hour. That someone up video. The name's Josh guy rim bless you boys or girls when you when you yell at them. Now I know when you talk to them yeah you don't forget the names because I missed the names up a lot either invented dear bro man. Accommodation at the name I did this Saturday an application I think there are some listeners who don't really understand. The size and the scope of this tournament it is on our beach and Fort Lauderdale. This is let's just put this in perspective think about the Olympics in Rio two years ago OK you're a half ago I think about that with more depth. And then now you haven't yet experienced 5000 people in the stadium so it's not just a few solitaire on the beach like the Olympics but with. A way crazier experience given VIP experience you have. Axis of the athletes so it's really cool because you're getting that same vibe and viewing and quality. But then you're getting so much more experience within that and so that's why this is so special. We see accessed through the athletes. We get to meet you had singled Rios. Cocktail with the champions there's benighted seven. You get to hang out thus while also watching. Two matches on stadium court so open bar crude oil are my eyes open wide open bar Atkins Diet causes you. Ballot that's just isn't returning to Janet come let's and that's why you're doing there's so we we threw out well thank you this strategy I'm flattered. We know a lot of us here at South Florida we just don't make it to the beach enough. Period are the radio station the beach but is your chance to get up to Fort Lauderdale beach. The same spot or we have our retired music festival every year is a chance to get us out enjoy the weather right see you yes and and like you said have a couple cocktails after the death. That is yours such a great track how some well I'm good aspects. But he kind of come and doing this beach volleyball majors series here in Fort Lauderdale right now Fort Lauderdale beach. Begins today through march 4. The best in the world thank you so much Casey Patterson we can't wait to see how we invited to come in and be part of the event of course we got a service outlets are now Paula but I felt I should help. Expect that it. Seven teach.