Justin's Movie Reviews - Feb. 17th

Friday, February 17th

Kenny interviews movie genius Intern Justin! Justin gives Kenny the all you need to know about this weekend's movies.  


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Have to find out what to. To see these these. These geniuses this cinema these are Rain Man of the mummies and turn Justin King chairman of the top three flicks this weekend buddies who got a transformers we've got that's why can't we have the great wall all we wanna start with. I was secure while you're actually administering it stereotype look nobody extremely famous today it's. Executive Fred four out of five hundred's I'm Daryn good parents are going through this house. You retrieve his flaws from a mental institution and your stringer himself. Dad doesn't sound too depressing exactly the hour so here's. One of these loans extremely dark can you ever bought or their local. Like I'm sure you don't lose a little bit lighter personalize this one without ice hubris here you got tired you eventually they don't let your school. Charlie Davies IQ higher gusts being an old guy he's challenger lose to look for vice. Polish girls crash and rode out Charlie Charlie day's who do to a white kid you you don't wanna fight so. Eastern only tries to run and try to get out of it close and candy can you show. And you look at courses just. Our situation that we don't abuse the movie for you and what about great all typically sit Chinese movie. Hey you can Hollywood couldn't play it totally done by lakers just changed production company. There's issues being elected to Hollywood formula and how important resources to make it did a documentary we know it's not this stand beside fighter -- now on board of blizzard like crude monstrous creatures Justin thanks to the scoop there's always going to be fine youth sports silicon dot com or show has continued on court follow me on Twitter take classic real he's the genius of this cinema neither Rain Man in the movies with big turn Justin thanks so much Bob let your Brothers. Start your morning on the breed some. Say. I don't points. Us.