Jade: Miami Women Who Rock

Tuesday, October 3rd

Miami Women Who Rock announces the 2017 honoree Jade Alexander at The 4th Annual "Fifty Shades of Pink" Luncheon.


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So I am here we illustrious. Incredibly good looking and talented and their fists and easy to be with Miami women who rock which is all about it's all about winning our whole foundation is based on women empowering women in honoring house. And art signature bank is about raising breast cancer awareness which is what's coming up on Thursday yes and you are honoring ten women and these women where you know I'm sure it's not to mention names on happening at ethnic and there's a process. There is a process so we focus on excerpt. Be ten years our very first Miami woman who rock rock awards was at the Miami Beach yacht club on line in 2008. And and it's evolved over the years and now every year we attend different women and it is a process and there off from all different types of industries different walks of like different ages. We this year we have it's a great example because we have everyone from someone like Patricia bell who is a very well known philanthropists. Too I'm on up and coming TrailBlazer and a woman who is our peoples choice award. Leah Ames who you'll hear about a little bit more on now but. You know these are women and art in business for themselves onto Norris some of them mothers grandmothers you know there's there's there's just really. A source of strength compassion and lava and energy enthusiasm and generosity. Who decides who these ten women are that you honor in October so we have a board on the the nominations coming in from other honoree associate for example. This year. On all the women were nominated from other. From last year's honorees this year we we actually did something really different because we really wanted to open it up to public. So so for example I mean nominee one and then the whole board get together and votes but. They're all nominated from other members and we wanted Al and that app to include other women itself. We named John Mack Lopez as our rock ambassador and she's here at the tiny little bit about. The people's voice Rock the Vote which doesn't really exciting campaign and it opened it up to hold up felt. Not exactly how added that the ball well about two months ago and the only passed mean I'm master coach and ethnic lines and she says how high level op. Already a magnificent. Miami movement and I thought about it while Jay and I really thought that going on social media and on 700 million people have access to her movement here in Miami would be a good idea take it to another level I've been called a lot of things like all rock ambassador was the first time and I'm. I. Am so I really had the Bryant right. So I elected four beautiful women from Miami Dade County that represent four different very different age groups and orange on the largest community cal girls for him Earl churning. 20 hours on CBS. That day wonderful company hearts. Lee Danes that. She went to Miami hand. Mailing Neitzel Brooke meg. She. Impeach these four women represents. Unger. Humans and not just. Two introduced. She's worked him out there she's motivational speaker at. Take her and her movement. For social media and it worked out if this is aside from the ten women that you honor this is actually the ten. And we already had nine so the last one was a people's choice award and how cool that that people can choose and it really isn't about. A win as much as it is about bringing awareness to this one movement Amelie is dedicated in decades. And for the first time people liked it. Shares on going AD re here. So it is an ago I mean who I am so happy. And painful really am. How much male involvement do you have now that he mentioned re entry. To the Chinese are I'd agree question this week thinkpad there's always that. Successful that we think there even more are. Women behind the success of irony. So is their male pop out some. Without an army supporters are sponsors and we do you. You know it's funny because we get a pitched yelling at her back to DC it's a pain in the first question at the moment as to why. Stuart likewise. At least that accident tied. But we have one male board member. On and and it's really funny because he's addled and meeting at that point you'll beat it's like OK okay can I know why I'm year. On so it run mostly it's 80%. For sure and the fifty shades of pink is sold out. Yes yes and we're having this grand event at the Biltmore talk about you know apple backdrop yes well it is. Just so excited you on absolutely love you do know that I'm not good with this right yeah. I fly under the radar I don't have a mouth. I'm on the air everyday but when it comes to accolades and acknowledgment I am not good at this at all on it was really important. To honor like. Me and you warned that for us because we have my meet women who rock of New York. The Miami mean it out better eat out I think it. And I haven't checked they cannot begin. So so we're really excited now and our board members and community members and it worked tirelessly. To put this is his signature the US what can you expect it's like we have this amazing pink carpet. Around our sponsors and amp. Beautiful cars with B. And you name it we have music and entertainment. Com and most of all we have some really exciting program. Odd that honors these time when we make it quick you know so let me add up please don't don't let that quick on my part I'm taking today off and Ayman. Expecting to enjoy every second and every cocktail at this event now as well you know with cocktails we have a sponsor called victorious. And with the pink wine. On our pick she's the owner of the company that she is sponsored. The wine reception. The Biltmore is beautiful we grow this. It's sold out its digital map for years and Rouse and I'm wheat first greeted fifty's it's a and now with the Bill Maher what a great gorgeous I mean we have the whole ballroom about that gorgeous water fountain it's your beautiful woman. And it's a beautiful event and I thank you from the bottom of my soul for including me in this this year I honestly I don't even know what I'm gonna say or how many say and I'm trying not to cry because you know as we get older we also stand to be little emotion in Allen and realize you know the fragility of life and how important health is and. Speaking speaking of company I really want to mention every year we did change the charity. This year at state of hearing and speaking of most on the first went today carrying eighteen year. And they have fashion style of survivors and I took that just even talking about it because. This year they have it's funny avenue girl that. You know on an inch above the runway and they give them an education support it's truly unity of caring with the securities. And and him. It is touching so. We've worked with a lot of great organizations bosom buddies every year we changed organization. Expressed. And hard initiative this year at state of carry their means. Male. The table our sponsor with these women have to pay for the tickets and that was donated by attrition and excellent and what if somebody wants to do a little bit more about day of caring there on our website are the exact date day of hearing first for breast cancer awareness South Florida. And that's. Web page also bears on faced and and we've also connected that links a few are up you'll see you worried at how open. You know. With summit that's been going on in the news in the wee tot I believe in the power productivity. You know on everything. You know it is breast cancer awareness. You know not getting as much may be on notoriety because of everything else going on you know on these women my mother was impressed you survive. I I saw her turn in. That's part of my motivation always reading fifty states I'm positive that you are definitely mine woman who. They Emily do you think he's so much for coming out here. And spending a little time with us and I'll be looking forward to that little pink line mean yes yes you can go in anything. Thank you so much Pratt.