Intern Justin's Movie Reviews- March 10th

Friday, March 10th

Kenny talks to movie expert and former intern, Justin, about the big movie coming out this weekend, KONG. 


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Cannot go to the movies. Without first hearing. From intern just sooner reviews every Friday we used he's the Rain Man of the movies these semis and this cinema intern just then one current chairman. I want to know about V movie of the weekend Kong the Skull Island up it was a big day universal last week I was on the rise it was outstanding. You know the whole 3-D glasses Cain you're in this kind of you know you're not trust tenure in the bus in the hallways and revenue rise pretty cool. What about the movie to come when there's a lot. Truly there there's there's pleasure in the light she's German beer it's been understanding and that is how he is big terror. And fatter than her comfort and 1930s so you don't have that all is all the Empire State Building Cong. I've been hit by bigger guys the next car so I thought maybe she knows how amazingly get this deal for bear all the skyscrapers from the knuckle we're desperate for exactly what they made it bigger faster car you're getting these times. We expected to box office from this Kong's go violence is definitely number Lawrence won't be here is quite well. There's somewhere around the Clinton and indeed he does that say blockbuster. Or do you. Think of a 190 million dollars to make so let me election. They're probably hoping for a lot more than that bush doesn't yellow colored shirt somewhere around about me UAU I know. Cong Skull Island I'll check get out of this bad I'm blaming you you know the deal hundred. Not I don't a you know until you looked at my friend I am pleading that it's. The Rain Man in the movies as soon hot the cinema. Interns Justin did you check at all is your views on sports overtime dot com it's called get your geek on.