Inspirational Monday

Monday, March 6th

A speech can move us in a way that nothing else can. Whether it is to inspire you to win the war, or to seize the day, we look to the greats for inspiration. This week we looked to basketball legend Michael Jordan. Here are his words of encouragement to get you through this week.  


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I everybody's Kenny walker thank you so much for listing in the show and here's one of our highlights. The only 102 point seven beach Kenny walker on your Monday morning and today our show is about inspiration. Speeches in history that have inspired us to beat the Greek people. We think of movie seems like Braveheart. Lemon thank god. Look does. Great job Independence. Day. We celebrate. This scene from dead poet's society telling us to seize the day I. And now our inspiration comes from basketball legend Michael Jordan. I know the book this. Is the roof let's admit it. When what the ceiling is the roof what it again how what you got nothing but does this. Make good the route that they. You see that the ceiling. Ease their roof what inspiration. Is that so for inspiration Monday if you don't want any inspiration and off. This and Michael Jordan. Good to root.