The Free Rads with a Subgroove Experience Live in the Studio

Friday, June 30th

This morning The Free Rads with a Subgroove Experience  joined Todd (who is in for Kenny this week) in the studio to perform some songs live on the air! Catch them tonight (June 30rd) at Friday Night Sound Waves on Fort Lauderdale Beach! 

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102 point seven to be more music more fun to party tonight sound wave. Tonight Fort Lauderdale beach and one day and lost the Rose Bowl. Freeware. French doctor we just a bit and it you're gonna get plays dog were. Evidence doesn't fit plus beach bodies on the way the real good. Under the age. We all knew and a two point seven to be more music more upon another great concert. Tonight. It's Friday night's sound waves every Friday night through the summer it's a free concert muscles and A when eight tonight we have a free Iran. Is it that way and turn it fit half back and see eco. Lady a solo home. And we know in the freer I think Missouri beat some good what does. Subgroup of experience in deep zone right. Lilly says for tonight and we are. Hi I'm like beyond excited really ask Franklin. Have you played sound waves before guests last year so it was like the best menu that people come now I mean it's like such a wonderful audience and it just a great time out on the. Well you guys look like you don't play around here. We try not to at least when it comes to music very serious music yeah I have here that the video and play some forest you don't have a little chorus of when it will what do we have here. They are in the throws here and I had been. It's on this. Nice and easy huge ice means and how we needed pounding. They're still good. Job in this he. Boy do all. And and then not and day. And now I l.'s smaller than me and see if he goes out and I am the name and they can. They really use Steve bones. Blood that's wow I'm very cheap. At all okay. I game. Yeah yeah. Danny K and news hello and all of the rail love. Clean and a play easier and that. One bad I was saying they amount in new. He's. Bow wow yeah this all that good. Hey. He's so I don't know really love lol agree. A big big news team's all time I had a non. I had eight. Now. Yeah now. Saying hey he really is now a grown man I'll move me you love. So we don't know. Yeah and saying hey you moon landing the role and I'll Lumia. Not pace. All right sounds are you OK I N ads always home. And and. Little and do good jab in the C today yeah. Hello may never end and yeah I'll we'll may have the same goes how old am I in the main my head you know all the big media asking the whole time. Well I have Mickey gonna. Yeah yeah and the really. Still win and only am ruining the bathroom well. And. Are. You ask you guys rock commanded men. Nice storage tank here remember analyst at duke indigestion tonight at six tonight over there. Fred and I sound way to get our a year from spreads out our talked to make what's the what's the skill amongst. It's odd things are hating us of course now write an advantage as you said free live music read on for slaughtered LD's awesome. Fans and I we're so thrilled to have for your read his subgroups where. Back with us but it is also. The beach and one has to. Points and then the threat 1990 that's dry and haggard beach getaway give away a week are going to be giving one lucky attendee. Tickets or wrist tied music festival coming. I'm understanding so there are a lot of I. There's sand sun and surf music and. The beach on the vehicle so I was CNN name. Thank you guys so much for coming. The free rats tonight this Friday night's sound waves and I don't miss them there. Pretty. He gives an expletive but I am on free terrestrial radio. You are my information go ahead run over to our web site the beach Miami dot com. This is a good looking group which guys are here and the lady indeed that we.