DJ Holiday & Chris Parker Interview Howard Jones - Riptide Music Festival

Monday, December 5th

What song does Howard Jones play that goes over the best? Find out in our exclusive Riptide Music Festival interview!

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Two point seven beats more music more limelight from the richt I'd broadcast and it's the day holiday. Chris Parker and now we have a very special guest of this right now. Can I take quick story Howard yeah cool all right so on fourteen years old and I reports there's going to radio radio station to do my middle school dance OK and at the end of the gate. I asked what can help them you know load up some equipment whatever and they did. And you know I'd moved speakers up the truck what have you and they gave it little gift. As you know justice. For helping them out and it was. And I Howard Jones album called immensely and and I still have till this day and got like they what is love is like my all time. Favorite song to me and I just I just want to throw these are things that doesn't mean you look at you here tonight. Thank you. Howard here's the thing. You know with these kind of shows and always wonder what would begin again and I had so many people come back here before we even Uga coming out. Connect Howard Jones just killed. I just destroy it well it. That's great I mean I love to perform. To this kind of wouldn't you know standing up and having a beer enjoying that and let's look at this here we're on the beach are you looking at the ocean is the most. Amazing view from the states. And I'm I just feel like giving it everything I've got you know because. I got 45 minutes to deliver and I I just go for it. I think sometimes we forget to go you know especially groups that that had a top pop base. That that we his second some of these people are actually really talented musicians so we see like. Oh yeah. The thing I've always been really. Great football was not. I I I've managed to write songs that go on radio because radio was the most important thing to me ever. Because when I was like that is Sony's to go to sleep in to the radio Reagan was always on. So for me the holy crow wasn't selling a lot of records it was to be on the radio and that's what I did you know and those songs are still being played thank you to you guys for that. And them and so everyone knows it's wonderful no question that if you're still at this as relevant today you everywhere and we you know growing up who inspired you. I'm you know like I tell a story of went. The pile of like less than in 1970 and I was too young to go over I was there. And I salute Jimi Hendrix the doors. And who Anderson like Obama and nine people on and on and it was like. What else what you do then you know and it just completely. That was it and from then on I just this Heath Mike you know on my dream of doing. Howard Jones as we're talking to right now and the so you know having had a bunch of hits that made huge on radio internationally. From your perspective when you're playing onstage and you're looking out over the crowd they're all gone bananas and lose their minds. What song do you play that you think goes over the past like which one do you think crashes. And let it it is this one song that everyone. It seems like everyone in America knows and they don't necessarily know who's maintenance on it. But it was it's no and is flying. And so so he's like Michael income I could play that song. Anyway in America and and people would know it and that's how wonderful thing because it feels like you. Become part of the culture you know you pop this on the current. Of people's lives and done that feels very special to me at the end of the year except that songs specifically you know you can look at the menu which just anything setter just I mean. It's it's a solar power you know about life the way ace you know you know it's not always easy and it's do you don't always get that holds the things you want and he's a very real soul and I think people have related to the years and it's become pop that their lives and cemented. Here's another question I've always wondered this about artists that have there's the pedigree he'd do. Is it bizarre to think that when you look out. Into a crowd and you can see people out there's a bearing ages to think we'll wait well wait some of you what we're made semi music itself. Soon. It happened because of me. You're welcome. He might you be blushing right now. I thought she yeah I do look at me you want to yeah. And mind because. Some other Yemeni parents was a pleasant T but but interestingly enough for me to say that and then we just recently on FaceBook that I saw Mimi and it said you know. Great music has no expiration date and basically that is. He wouldn't touch right there. Well I'm I'm obviously. I'm I'm very very happy about I mean other thing you know to me it's it's been because you guys to play my music through the years and that's what I mean. I mean that's the reason because many cuts across generations who knows him and you know it's it's it's it's it's great it's wonderful feeling as announces the people on every words of the song. So. Just putting it a couple of questions about why NASA Howard Jones when you're looking out from here what's on the horizon what's going on. What's going on for the next chapter. Okay well I am I've I've got a brand new song that's in a really cool new animated film called animal crackers. And pathetic you know about is that this rumba could tell it plays it is amazing and these direct assault me out and awesome to write a song for peace in the film. And I I I think I've written a really cool song for them they love and so it could be a little bit of a boost in my profile of the. They let you read you another quick throw line he came out and Elton John it is things. I mean it like not that he needed at night it was like oh my gosh what a second on just blew the place up again. Your next year next atomic bomb I'm an excellent I. Really hoping that it is because it was just raise the profile of it and I'm really proud of the summit and and the faith since so well with in now with my message you know. It's is colds. We're in this together you know stay with me were in this together as very these things like it's like do you know. So bras CNET and funky guitars as they'd like things gonna get better but the joining us century vision you know. Articulating here right at him on simulate what type it is it that's. Many crises that may be that either and authorities on the that we we so appreciate. You coming out to rip tide thank you thank you so much in an and obviously you know good things moving forward when you're there early really enjoyed speaking with them outwardly no Mosley. I love it thank you so much.