Childhood Movie Fears

Wednesday, February 8th

Kenny's childhood fears of the "Flying Monkeys" from The Wizard of Oz movie, come out this morning show and listeners call in to relate. 


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What a two point seven big she ate two or three police there Kenny walker. Get to get a producer and studio here behind a glass of there that's Stewart are other producer and I am with the story today about there was a devise. The big tell all. About Judy Garland as sixteen year old girl doing was in Abbas and the much gains were groping her. She's just sixteen year old girl Lily region that are dressed like constantly. And and the poor thing was traumatize an assistant. This is in many many years ago and end. That's horrible we're total that I can't get past the flying monkeys that's my that's my phobia that's one thing that's so lame. It is how I can't help but it's just. You know fall is a weird things and and I'm everybody lastly you can newsroom it's just as a kid. It just a flying monkeys freaked me out and traumatized me and now as an adult with children in my own. That would it seemed who's currently the watching mouse in the but I will like sneak. I ever go to I don't about a 107 under just because it actually to this day. Breach and I can't explain that are there things that traumatize you in your life did you kind that can explain maybe it was a movie. Maybe it was a moment 8941027. Let's jump over to Erica didn't candle Erica what traumatized yeah. Went out I felt. The movie cars packed actually did. 1996. Mars attacks. Yeah Martin act alien body Eric they had like big brain it they freaked me out tonight. They way they talk like they made this weird you know it and it and child like. I like the as a child that I I would freak out I would I would I'd I'd. I didn't bend. That they would get near like that. I gotta tell you I I know in the movie you're talking about it was remembered it was Sarah Jessica Parker resentment at the creatures these gigantic heads. But they had bug eyes. Yeah and they re being out meaning nobody you know they. They had to let alone. Her around like trying to help people right how old are you saw the movie I'd be like that it ate your albums. It's called yeah oh yeah yeah that's just you know you're not you're not ready sit. Got them out like this whole area. In that funny that works so thank you for the call you if you know as an adult elect now I was scared that it's only is it. With with. Wizard of Oz I'm still kind of an. And Yemen grown now ressam really there's something really quality let's go to Ruben in Miami Rubin I mean he's usually wrong because I'm a grown man. You know certain note that's what I wanna this year we UK armed. I'm fifty years old so to me when I was a kid we had to wait a whole year to watch the wizard of odd you know really put what a year and we don't look border that. But that's seen of the flying monkeys. Would still meet. I'm external trauma to develop the most terrifying thing in the in my younger brother would talk about it and we even say hey man that ever happened to us you got to take care of me not to carry on the white market could we believe that that existed. Plus the little kid would execute and all your imagination goes crazy week you. And the whole concept of a bit like an and I grew up in the windows were always open on the Obama got any minute one of those players that he's gonna let me and. Granted by the throat I'm. Yeah you know YouTube hit Atlanta that these kids now with with the Internet everything they see big east at the site. Gusto to it it's just solely aimed at them but like I say for my generation. That was really. From a tiny space it to this state and Everett Todd Laporte and observant I'm still I every dollar might still seem to want to Hawaii remind me how scared like I was one would know that it within one month guitar with young now. I think maybe because it was it was probably for us. It was probably the first really kind of scary thing that we saw. Not apply much credit ordered the joke around it right right because you can't climate treaty get away for a month as they acquired during the all right let me let cement great talk in here and it's it's it's a girl and a great day.