Beach Buddies - Ziggy - March 10th

Friday, March 10th

Kenny talked with Larry and Jodie from Abandoned Pet Resuce this week about our beach buddy Ziggy! Ziggy is an 8-month old Chiweenie, Chihuahua Dachshund mix.  He is what we call an owner-surrender. Ziggy will need basic training so he does not develop any issues when he is left alone. He is working on his housebreaking skills. Ziggy is loveable and energetic. If you are interested in meeting Ziggy you can visit Abandoned Pet Rescue at 1137 NE 9th Avenue in Ft. Lauderdale or at 



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102 point seven the page or reach buddies every Friday about this time we find a home for a dog or cat for crater for animal. They sure friend Kristy at Christie's critters for making this all happen our good friends from abandoned pet rescue were here god introduce yourself and Larry Wallin steamed. I'm Jodi Miller young. The minute you wanted everybody fell in love with Ziggy so if you're looking for a young dog this perfect for you that's right he's only eight months oldies that you weenie he's absolutely adorable is full of energy full of life but the needs of forever home that you we need this is the first remain neutral while us and Dotson madness yeah in the baby but you know he's a Smart guy and now he seems very willing tails wagging he's sniffing around he's been friendly everybody walked since. Caught us at 809241027. A fine home for Ziggy or. The event pet rescue web site and abandoned pet rescue dot OR GR phone numbers 9547289010. And we encourage you go to the beach Miami dot com or one or two point seven the beat him interface for patient. From this video is up. Can't really like Tony yeah. You know it's. Out of our room he was following you really like that you all right don't run it back that is belly fat while we're all I'm having their belly scratched. This isn't any real listeners would like to help be counted the men and pet rescue will always volunteers volunteers and more volunteers with thank you so much for the great work you do it abandoned pet rescue. And basic Christie Christie critters from putting these all together our beach buddies let's find a home for Ziggy are favored that you weenie thanks again have a great weekend absolutely.