Beach Buddies: Zeus, July 14th

Friday, July 14th

Today Kenny met with Patty from Dalmation Rescue. Our Beach Buddy this week, Zeus, is a young Dalmatian rescued from Puerto Rico. Zeus is almost 2 years old now and still looking for his forever home. He is very playful with other canines, loves kids and adores human attention. Zeus is small for his age due to a couple health challenges. His condition, however, should not exclude him from consideration as a forever companion since his medical concern is very manageable.For more info and to adopt Zeus today, visit !


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Two point seven impeachment. Regional bodies tend to find a home for a dog brought to express great friends your pets your market. Visit your local pet supermarket for savings from today our good friend Christy from Christie's critters are here to kick up crazier every introductions Kenny I wanna choose to worry acquaint yourself with Patti come down Mason rescue she's been here before. And today's GM is trying to sell real shady looking for a loving forever home. This is Zeus scared and I mean how can you not be in love with a almost puffy Dalmatian but sniffing around the studio I love it here yeah. He's two years so great caddie just about we estimate he came from Puerto Rico and he is bilingual. I'm gonna. This came from the streets in Puerto Rico and he's a lovely lovely boy he gets along great with everyone adores children and he's been our goodwill ambassador because we take him everywhere to the best stories and option offense and so forth and he is in very well tempered very well mannered and very obedient he will do anything for. Forty trained. The same way he gave me traded. You know where you are here Kenny has some of her hair is the a lot of people are gun shy about dalmatians dalmatians wanna be everywhere you are big don't wanna be ignored them and as long as you include them in your life style. And your daily routine they're happening and why wouldn't you yeah. I think our dogs are part of our lives. So as you want to a job zoos or another one of your mouth cases that are available for adoption. All you have to do is go to the beach website my social media pages Christie's critters dot org and our social media pages FaceBook against her and Twitter. We'll connect you with all the adoption information and include the link to the Dalmatian rescue and I think Gabby or producer is. Do you or died through grueling over this. Did you tell. Women have a family right here without knowing it and limiting very that would be awesome thank you both for coming in today actually really appreciate all you do let's try to find a home prisoners. Thanks for any.