Beach Buddies: Snow, April 28th

Friday, April 28th

This week Kenny talked with Megan from The Cat Network about this week's Beach Buddy, Snow.

Snow is a 2-year-old Flamepoint Himalayan male cat.  He would be perfect for someone who only wants one, indoor cat, or someone who has another cat with FIV. For more information go to 


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Well two point seven the beach we're trying to keep this dream going to find another home for an animal came into this from the cat. Network which you know can everybody in the building is going. Crazy over this again I would think so he's really really friendly the coat on him personally hate mail in my game he looks like her. He's so pretty and so cuddly puppies are Himalayan mix he's absolutely stunning. I'm you'd call this type of a flame point because he's got the orange ish points in the cream colored body super friendly super sweet beautiful blue eyes and keeping knows he looks like the kind of cat you've seen us furniture commercials. Absolutely with the rich people around here on their alien home and they always have a beautiful cat oh he would be great he's super friendly he came around and he visited with everybody here. He walked around the studio he's had a wonderful time. How do we get them adopted it would be wonderful if he can check it out on our web site. That cat network that's all one word dot org and we also have to think her good friend Kristy Christie's criticized for putting us all together Christie were in love with snow. I don't know what it is general group vote and he has act last week we got caught families. Are art teacher didn't see you buddy and we look like yeah that's only. No it says it beautiful Torres is actually as we can find a home this weekend and each and we are bad that's thousand. Go to the beach Miami dot com thank you so much Christie meg and we're trying to find a home for this sweet little kitty go to the beach Miami dot com.