Beach Buddies: Snoopy, Aug. 11th

Friday, August 11th


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For dogs and cats and this little guy issue becomes to us by way of our friends here at breakfast club canine rescue who let's welcome this area and and your shots. And snoopy and who isn't coffee all over my microphone. Yeah unfortunately his own passed away lane and that's how he ended up and our rescue. He's ten years old and I hear he's you can tell he's been baby his whole life he was desperate somebody's baby and our history. All those things turned upside down any just mindset niacin lapses that in a nice person I love him and that lets you know he wants for the rest of his time. Yeah Sherri Andrew let's bring our good friend Christy from Christie's critters to try to help find a home for his sweet little guy. Kirstie they're doing a great job at a breakfast club canine rescue. Yes well plus a club is solid number of Florida normally an urgent scramble if somebody wanted to adopt one of their animals. He is third best car off the gateway to say it will call girl has made it. He actually split up and getting arrested eleven Bremer won't Wear your listeners go to Jack Johnson knew these supposedly get a check out a breakfast club the at that speed web site or social media. And Christine crackers dot org I could even greater pleasure he adds. Chris you know hardest working person in the business you know there right up up up up. Annual burning Animal Planet already say it's a labor of love thank you so much for everything you do thanks for all you guys.