Beach Buddies: Shere Khan & Scrappy, 5/11

Friday, May 11th


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Signs of going home for another furry friend and I think Kenny walker show named Christie. She brings. Yes from abandoned pet rescue Jody Larry good to see against a candidate maligning. We have a dog edit cat to get adopted today there is certain to check with front and share con today which areas them about a year old he's at tabby who he was dumped just abandon. He is too cute this little guy and his world. Purring away oh my gosh I get tired. And hands on panther aspect I call yeah right and then he's available for adoption from abandoned pet rescue one of 250. Cats. That's usually the knot in Gary's neighborhood where 250 casting idea. Okay so well known as the proverbial cat lady as she added so end. I'm surprised the dog locator hitting a lot of today you wanna address is little scrappy guys scrappy is a sweetheart he is a senior. He looks like keeping your team mixing his ears absolutely flame needed money DOD years. And she's ten years old. And push scrappy was found wandering in the parking lot of the buildings. By a wonderful man who took and then putting keep him but token and got him groomed 'cause he zone added. And then brought him to abandoned pet rescue. No kill shelter sounds. He cleaned underdog cardinals grabbed it first he got. It's a lot and let like there yet but when you think it's a further and find homes for these supervision Christopher Christie critters your initiative Kristi grab the microphone would you would you jump on their. When us and help us with a seduction was yeah. Counting down here for these two need loving forever homes and we will be posting them lying Christie's craters dot org and of course you can connect to everything. Through Sotheby's web site the beach Miami dot com and all of your social media platforms these tools are adorable. One young now one of the older mom looking reloading. Don't shoot Kersey thank you so much jewelry wearing a minute address you think you do and make sure you check on this dog in this case today the beach in Miami got.