Beach Buddies - San

Friday, February 24th

This morning (Feb. 24th) Kenny talked with Pati from Dalamtian Rescue who brought in "San". He is almost one- year-old and a very smart male Dalmatian puppy. San was rescued from Seoul Korea.  Please contact the folks at Dalmatian Rescue if you'd like to set up a meet and greet with a super super pup like San!


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We're seven BC every Friday it is our duty to find a hole. For an animal today it's all about this. Beautiful. Dalmatian. First season on the phone this from Christie's critters and tad easier from the Dalmatian rescue. Everything in the building is in love with stand the Dalmatian he's a sweetheart he's going to be one in just a few months and he hails from Korea. Face on a sound as Dalmatian rescue when they found the end and we had him flown over from Korea. Any kind of looking for a green home he's a super super secret point. Yeah poppy I'll yell about nine monument. A good thing about Santa is an extra bonus you don't have to train. He is totally house trained he's very good in a home he had doors of people who loves kids and he loves to play with other dogs Dalmatian rescue dot com is patty Webster Dalmatian rescue cancer risk rescue. He sometimes does your little skittish the radio station Q smells lesson people SanDisk animation is so good with people and she's so beautiful just a gorgeous dog pitchers don't do him justice Kirstie you were here you take a moment. Oh I wish I could I I'm wondering if anything I only get lumped so quickly and. His dog. The family wants to spend some time with sand and play with a little bit and get to know him he had a way they can do to. We don't have a shelter we were quite Foster home only. So what we do is do on the preliminary work easily setup comedian green can be pretty much effect crop meeting green in a place that tornado for everybody. Convenience you can. Innocent absolutely you do a lot of home visit that's the greatest thing ever Jesse get a real feel for the dog internationally. And we wanna know where they're going to be living well done a great idea patty from domination rescue Christie for Christie's critters Christiana we have a listener right now saying I. Eyes and then lo withstand the Dalmatian. What do they do to get this done. I think everyone is of course I can't tell us on your web site is also on the beach FaceBook page because. And it's just an adorable Dalmatian puppy needs a loving her and her mom. Turkey for family guys he's so adorable. And already he knew as checked him out online and he wants Armani if you reach out his Dalmatian rescues and let's find a home for a chance. Volleys today. Wells said. Chrissie from Christie's critters patted him down nation rescue thanks so much and thank you any.