Beach Buddies - Ranger

Friday, February 17th

This week Lisa Mendheim from Broward Animal Care and Control brought in Ranger. "I'm Ranger and I'm 3 years old! I'm a mellow, polite, kind of guy with the right stuff. I like people, kids and other doggies. I’m really a lovable kind of gentleman who LOVES treats!"


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102 point 7 beach Friday morning it's all about animals today specifically dogs hey Kenny so glad to be back a full hour of meet some buddies since we feature rescue organizations from. Dade Broward and Palm Beach County today and we want you it's issued to Lisa from Broward County animal parent control. And you brought to Swedish film but this is ranger ranger I just met a great breaker introduce himself by sneezing all over me so I have a have dog like sneeze all over me right up to how do you describe Rangers to a range is really good guy and a. Dogs race if you want pounds eat your muscles just a beautiful Bosnia calling it an a real sweetheart. You know a couch potatoes type of dog can't curl up with life. What's ahead and and have fun when he's been way you move for what about them. About a month right I need to all you need the home bed. You know what though bubble guys get here often and and it is a home any kind of home with the Maggette hasn't paid a price on. We have a lot of why you look at me like Louisiana yeah that's what you are doing right Halen Kotchman data. I like made good that's if Rachel crow left them without review snagged it shouldn't sneeze all over you know Jim would garrido just. Now he's neutered yet Staffordshire mix right three years old so sit at the age where he's not a puppy where you've got to. Teach him how to go outside and use his body right at the point where you can still hit Eddie van had majority of the Fed had not ended June that it is going your house you know we. Plus a lot of leaves real life after police if somebody wants to sit we did ranger Lula may be the Stanley spent some time with a before they make a choice to come home. They can do that with the right absolutely absolutely we have a beautiful. Hopefully I did play with brains. Did another dog completed them and interact with rape other. So that let the opportunity for you to get to know ranger up close and personal. Are we to put pictures of the photos and videos of range up off on our website to beat Miami dot com and our FaceBook one of two point seven beach Miami. And if you lose right out you wanna take it home right now you're in love with this sweet little guy. 8194102. Step would instantly make the call to see check list. Absolutely all across the brains thank you so much for coming by no I don't think that's fine in my home right at IR ranger. Had a good day to let me wet in knows thanks so much Kenny for all you're doing for the animals you can follow along Chris he's critters. We are on base plus fifty gram and Twitter and also Chris he's craters dot org.