Beach Buddies: Otto, 4/13/18

Friday, April 13th


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Time to find homes for another furry friend and I think Kenny walker show Maine Christine. It brings. Each appliance. Good morning Christie didn't want any uncanny the brains and the soul behind beach buddies Chrissie from Chris secret is that this. You do the introductions you might think I'm alone TI don't mind it all look at the sweetie three year old find out. He's here with Lisa from Broward County animal care and he is looking for his loving forever home aren't as accusing autos and you're a guy. I don't wanna leave hair no no I. Affect on dogs. I don't Otto is such a love bug on three years old and a big guy this is this is a big lovable guy about seventy pounds that so gentle and very friend he's and then honk I love absolutely. Primedia dot. You talk time. We think you re saying rebounds and yes seven against and how losing faith. You know we're not training now nobody's house broke and got eyes on everything I would see adoption fees run out. Freed up yeah absolutely so he's ready to go all you need is is some love. Comedies C I know Aaron Dobson Danny can interact with Sidney can do the ball as risky thing in. The beach Miami dot com all of the beach social media sites as well as the season craters dot org and all of our social media sites so. Freaks out. The great check out all the pictures it's Ramadan comes. Thank you again have a great week.