Beach Buddies: Newman, March 9th

Friday, March 9th


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I'm just went home for another furry friend has a big Kenny walker show named Christie. She brings. Yes I'm always amazed at the level of dedication and love. People have for dogs and cats. I turn on us us he joins us. By day she just therapeutic massage healing hands in Miami and she's not doing that she's saving cats process she would have you here several times I yeah third I think that would make you the all time leader in visits to. One of two point seven the peach blue do I get a prize no we have no budget exercises are gone so toast about to secure a little cat you have. So this is Jim Brown tabby cat his name is Newman's. Is awesome he is of very freaked out right on the studio but he is it really outgoing had he gets along well with dogs she loves to be sitting on your lap he'll just her and watch TV with you on your lap he uses the litter box a 100% of the time and it just a very neat cool chill and he's Newman had a Katie driver's license were easy three years old four and only five or six years old on average size Newman I don't under your feelings but I get the impression you never meant to me leading love. I think it after they can't they can preceding Easter cookies coolest thing ever that anything is when Healy is on the sofa pare back on a sofa or on the out pile his legs lean kind of see it now anything here in the studio on encountered. His legs are tennis played out behind him and you see a lot with dogs and acting never seen a cat he does it's pretty cool thing because. He's Newman is a pretty cool cat that's exactly right he's a pretty low energy cat as most cats are once their adult but he did a great thing about him is just tough cuddly he is I think he moved love's body heat. This is honest dusty from geek hat network. When she's not seeming cats she's also doing their view massage healing hands Miami let's find a home for Newman here. Get in touch with us on the web site which is. Does cat network dot org. And I'd like to point out this very important does that bug but his if you just put cat network dot org it's actually eighty something like a swingers club in the third day I get really a weird I'm always. I'm going on that I did catch a so dot cat now we're. And I learned and we want to apologize to people that swingers place rendering pages of new in the cat when they're looking for when spoons and it's. I think it's a good kid in America here's your stuff. I think it's always good to see you thanks for bringing this week guys here let's get movement we'll championships or I've got it right back. Let's do it every Christie from Christie's Credit Suisse also Christian thanks for all you do for us. Hey we can help you and Scott can you Perry's family member I'll you have to do. His log onto the beach Miami dot com and all of monetary incentives need social media platform. Also Christie's craters dot org and all of our social media platforms.