Beach Buddies: Maggie Moo Moo

Friday, February 2nd


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Time just went home for another furry friend and I think Kenny walker show I think Christine. Lisa from Broward County animal care and show you here no sooner or walk in the studio then we got to clean up and I'll do here a Plano. We apologize. Mind what you've seen and done well how does but the best do you candy nothing but the bill. This is what we love Obama live radio when you wanna rescue dog. This is a dog needs rescuing right here yeah tell us about Maggie moved. May belong to you all be she's quite sick cat there with a charming personality. She left alone left. Personality right there over my we're I'm we're getting these chair is there there. And she came in here and know Cassandra come up from one of the officers ran them off. She's got two Basset Hound group and as I'm just jumps all over her easily can earth she's very friendly embrace any great place we'll describe how would you just great on this he would talking about I yarder letting her run this is a perfect dog for that on the very -- letting if you're a jogger because we were running with her earlier before we thought we had fairly or run an Oscar. And machine guns that kind of exhibiting. It's great dog if you have kids in their active in the yard playing ball and that's Jimmy right there with you can't she weighs in and about two point. Pretty good. I'm about seventy pounds and brown threw toward five cents and mean muscle and then also seeing like me she volleying or me only. As good as they getting you know you're looking at. Yeah. I am I got. My gut is that. All right tell us how we get in touch screen you check out our website give me a call at 95 or 3591010. An egg Kenya wanna tell your listeners to you know we're gonna have some fun on Sunday for the big game we're having our own dog bulk. Meg he might be one of our star players here on its opponents of FaceBook live from bombs Sunday at noon it and I'd be doing our own golf ball. And they won't be a champion would do or is it can't be in it. Things that she's got. These are and beat these guys. Better right now value. I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm thanks so much for coming guy. And thank you any new.