Beach Buddies: Lex, July 28th

Friday, July 28th


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We all are point seven it means we love this segment every Friday right about now beach buddies we try to find a dog. Families take them home and love and joining us today my name is pat time with lab rescue Florida and you have an interesting story about his gorgeous chocolate lab Lex. Yes his growth was somewhat stunted because the first several months of his life he would isn't out of a puppy mills the door in Miami and was kept in a creek that was Archie small. Nanny wasn't allowed to stand. Or even sit up straight through a kind of senate things when we got into the doctors say and dad because he's young you that he probably won't be as big as he would advance that he is still gonna be okay the bones and muscles god bless him I he's a great dog. He's a gentle sweet dog but he had never been out of the crazy. Right we had to carry him when I got into the house and nine. And that's because elections are run on these are they're great dogs. Tell everybody in the name of your rescue its Labrador Retriever rescue of Florida if your dog lover this is exactly that type of place you wanna make a donation to. Nobody takes the payroll and and now 83 cents out of every dollar goes directly to the dogs pet. Patty in Kim from lab rescue Florida thank you so much for all you do for these animals and if you'd like to adopt collection. Are adorable. And and a small undersized lab and let you accuse a lab you've ever seen good beach Miami dot com let's find him all it takes to. Supermarket and visit your local French supermarket for savings it today.