Beach Buddies: Kitty Cali, 5/4/18

Friday, May 4th


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Time to find a home for another furry friend and I think Kenny walker show named Christie. She brings. So our good friend Megan from the catnip or joins us this morning Nagy can you introduce us to today's beach but he Katie well she's masquerading as a cat but she could conceivably be a dog she's about twenty something pounds. She's about fifty something pounds she's very inquisitive and she stayed in the migrate now. Her name is Kelly we're guessing she's between four and six years old she's a blue cream tortoise shells and cheese out of the shelter she's been there a couple of months. But we decide to take a chance on her get her out of there and hopefully get into new loving home test. Firm unfortunate and that's that's about it just saw her yes holy god what the issue is how much they sent twenty pounds but we're gonna after. Guess she was. Terrier it's got. Does he play to your doctor may you run in the curious biggest game this preseason various music can't ever cool let's get Kelly you're just. We have since Sunday gossip coming up tomorrow which is of course the fitness pageant doesn't everybody celebrate that so what we wanted to use my strength as many cities as we possibly can't. Homes it is didn't seasons unfortunately everything is. Little ones that would love to get community pounds million from the cat network joining us also list your Christie. From Christie's traders. Hey we can help you is not to you very family member Ali have to deal. His line onto the beach Miami dot com and all of one of two point seven diseases social media platforms. Also this season craters dot org and all of our social media side.