Beach Buddies: Jagger

Friday, January 26th

Meet Jagger, an 8-year-old Greyhound mix and resident snuggler of the Humane Society of Greater Miami. Jagger was brought in as a stray in April 2017.

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Time to find homes for another furry friend and I think Kenny walker show Maine Christine. You bring. Yes our good friend Peter from the humane society of Miami weather today we've jagr. And you don't get excited about too many Dawes as you see so many that you say this guy special very good dog 4550 pounds about 45 is a positive direct and climbing whenever everybody's glad to get some love it's as if he's saying listen Israel thing it's not working for me and I would like a little more attention. Well this is a dog does definitely wants attention this is a dog dead ones to be on people's lab even though he's he's not a small breed he wants to be in people's slab if you're looking for a dog that is that is coming to that is not gonna give you a lot of problems with behavior problems. This is a perfect eight this is a dog that. Can just sit down and watch TV would you if you wanna go to the park in the middle school for a nice long walk perfect dog for that. The energy level right now it's not so high he's pretty calm so it just makes him unfettered dog for a situation like that. Peter you're unusual and it you do kind of double duty were the dock and we are trainers and so being being a trainers training the dog and teaching you all are working with B owner. But at the same time our mission is to be able to find homes police dogs especially older dogs that are most people come looking for those puppies. Finding the home for dealer dogs to be able to place them in a nine east families differ listeners wanted to poke around your place is 16108. Was Dixie highway in Miami Peter thanks again for how much jagr let's keep you home and check came out all the photos on the beach in Miami dot com.