Beach Buddies: Hulk & Thor, Feb. 16th

Friday, February 16th


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There are no signs of went home for another furry friend and I think Kenny walker showed paying Christie. She brings. Yes we have tails wagging everywhere yeah. That noise here it's not a drum beating its figure Reynolds microphone hope Christie good morning Julie introduction or learning Kenny. I I just wanna say first and foremost yeah. Our hearts are heavy and we are praying for the victims and their families since. One thing to keep in mind there is some very family members that are crazy too because they've lost their best friends but I know they're gonna do what they do best and that's comforts of and help me help you in times of need to talk you are being linked at the same time media and think we've got a new precedent. Probably yeah. Hulk and blew our hurry here breath out. Can you ox cart product array that are here. I I've added new buddy yeah. None of this candor is here to tell us about these few precious puppies that Gymboree unconditional. Love in your family. Sorry and hold our from a litter a seventh. Mom is on pit terrier mix and dad is like a lab Border Collie there's ten weeks old now they are very loving. Because from the current Xeon RIK kind of love and affection this. To properly socialize them so they're very very good dogs. They're looking for their forever home secretary gives your website. Rescue caused the green dot com maybe you feel lucky person to get less of puppy kisses my home together and how many of these and I. Orders. You know you're doing your little speech today where he has just really good but how can everything these beautiful dogs. And I love this. That they're pressing the buttons on board here and yeah generally the microphones that's all that matters mail on T daylight yeah. And these are new studio boss them around. Are we gotta get back you're here I don't listen to adapt these diced log onto the beach Miami dot com also show media platforms. Christie's craters dot Horry and all of our social media. Let's Gumbel listener with a loving friends and learns needs money.