Beach Buddies: Hoot, Aug. 18th

Friday, August 18th


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Mike it's good to talk to read it again and Christie good to see you again. Hey it's always a pleasure Kenny for beach buddies we analysts special project here we get our blue coat is a dog who. Who who didn't look like it was gonna work you know you made half of the day he was even in pretty bad shape he was dragging his Mac claims he was paralyzed in the rear we took him and we had surgery done on him the next day he was trying to jump and play like a normal bumps are. Think I don't care who tri county animal rescue my candidate you were like seventeen has there you mr. everything on earth. This is essentially bro love for you in for Christine this adorable is what about thirty pounds she's seven years all he's just such a lover would you calling me coach Jerry error and Wiener dog a going my carrier that he's float short long and stress free I love a needle around. If you'd like to adopt kids you can check him out on the beach website at Christie's theater's website also upload from our social media platforms that are everywhere. And try honey it right on animal rescue and Boca Raton and I also wanted to take quick minute and talk about Sunday this amazing. Adoption fair going on it's going on from 11 AM to 5 PM it's just an incredible date Milano our beach buddies there. And then some new friends and possibly adopt this Sunday at the animal adoption of fair and the warm memorial Fort Lauderdale putting my shivering my daughter thinks I'm sorry you thank you both so much and if you can help us adapt food and annie's great dogs and cats to go to the beach Miami got count this is a brought to us by pet supermarket go to your local pet supermarket for savings today.