Beach Buddies - Holly - March 24th

Friday, March 24th

Kenny met with Mike from Tri-County Animal Rescue this week, who introduced us to this week's Beach Buddy, Holly, the 3-year-old Great Dane. 

She is grey and white and weighs 87.8 pounds. She was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Georgia, while she was pregnant and she was brought to Tri-County Animal Rescue, where she then had her puppies.

She is a very sweet and a gentle giant, who can often be found helping out the girls behind the front desk!

To adopt our new buddy, Holly, visit, or call (561) 482-8110!


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Point seven each and every Friday we do it we try to find a home for a dog or cat or furry animals this is all a labor of love from our friend Kristy at Christie's critters till morning Christie. Can I ask you this morning. I can't I guess that's smiling looking at physical gorgeous dog in our studio. It can't see a beauty district calling the to what's it like some tri county. Can't ignore at Q you just tells you that's what god that they actually say is its promise yet well. Well we saved your now we got to find her home Mike good morning thanks for coming in Michael Holley is very relaxed. Very friendly very regal that's why they call on the general science. They think third two pound Chihuahua they're just so my own so calm so maybe they just loved people she loves other dogs everything she's been in contact with you to come along well and as we're talking right now Jane Alexander is sitting there were the dog. You know this dog may never leave Jay has done. Three year old great it still young enough where she isn't any bad habits are Christy how do we find a forever home. This gorgeous and it's Great Dane how. Other several ways and we must find her home this weekend of course on the beach is let's try to find out everything you need to know about a hotly. You can click drills attitude tri county animal rescue there are numbered all those air forty check it out like Chris Carter got hell are we had a hotly everywhere because our mission next weekend just. Distinct put holly you know loving forever home. Like this sounds Christa Miller received his thanks so much to tell us what you can't thank you so much. Have a great weekend YouTube thanks.